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When we’re told “you’re the right photographers for us” it sends us all the right signals that our couple has looked at our work in detail, and that they’ve already gotten a sense of great expectations for their photography. That’s why we’re so excited about being Steph + Mat’s photographers. Putting themselves in our hands meant allowing them to be themselves — comfortable, fun, and loving. We’re over the moon knowing they’re completely in love with their photos!

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Katy + Andrew’s wedding day was nothing short of spectacular. Our readers might remember their wedding was published by Martha Stewart Weddings, which also meant we had to wait for a while before sharing some of our own favorites. Their day provided so much inspiration — sheep in the pasture, rolling green hills surrounding their farm, a beautiful home filled with award-winning interior design as well as personal touches, and lots of affection and joy to be seen everywhere. What’s not to love? We’re thrilled to be their photographers and so glad to share Part 2 of our look at their wedding story.

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You know everything is just perfect when you get together with your couple and feel as if you’ve already known them for years. That’s exactly the way it is with Alexandria + Anthony. They drove quite a distance to meet us for engagement photos, so we wanted it to be a particularly fun experience for everyone. The Autumn colors were really popping, and there was a fantastic sense of joy and electricity between the two of them. Long before we were done, it was confirmed that we had two very special people in front of our cameras whose wedding we can’t wait to photograph at Onteora Mountain House.

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One of the favorite things about Missy + Mike is seeing how completely devoted they are to their girls, Reese & Riley. We couldn’t believe how much the girls had grown since we last photographed them a few years ago. They’ve become quite the fearless gymnasts and cheerleaders, but they also love choosing their own fashionable clothing and jewelry. It was such a privilege to show their gentle and genuine personalities in photos. Decorating their home with their own family as art was exactly what we hoped for this beautiful group.

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We’ve known Bernie + Bill for quite some time now, having photographed several members of the family. And now it was THEIR turn in front of our eyes and cameras! We were truly pumped about their engagement shoot, so when we met up at one of the region’s most beautiful locations, we couldn’t help but show it. We weren’t at all surprised that this was an amazing shoot, but they really knocked it out of the park! We can’t wait for their Long Island wedding next summer!

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We couldn’t wait to find out for ourselves how much Liam had grown since we last saw him. With Autumn now here, everyone agreed that the best place to enjoy an afternoon of sun & fun would be in an orchard at a local farm. Liam loved it, and his little legs couldn’t move fast enough to take him exploring everywhere! Whether running through rows of trees, exploring patches full of pumpkins, or watching the farmers drive by on their oversized tractors, there was something literally around every corner and under every rock. We love this little guy! More than anything else, we enjoyed seeing his parents simply giving him lots of love and attention. The NYPD couldn’t have a more beautiful family as part of their own.

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It doesn’t matter where we go when we want to spend a day with little Maddie. We’re always sure of one thing — she’s going to love life, and she’s going to want to play games with anyone within her sight. That’s exactly the sort of day we had when we went to see Maddie, her parents Grace + Mike, two of her grandparents Laura + Joe, and her uncle Steve. After some fun family photos on the lawn, Joe had something else special planned — he took everyone out on his boat for a beautiful evening on the bay. Maddie loved the rush of the wind blowing her hair as Joe revved the motors higher, and we loved the entire experience of seeing this close-knit family once again.

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Jackie + Jae’s wedding was one of the most ideal November weddings possible. Set on the outstandingly beautiful grounds of the mansion at Skylands Manor, they and their guests were treated to expansive views of the surrounding botanical gardens and preserve, with vivid hues of gold, amber, and green. Jackie’s excitement over their day was wonderfully mirrored by Jae’s emotive anticipation of seeing her for the first time. It’s hard to describe the incredible privilege it was to witness their joyful tears as they locked eyes and embraced one another without any other care on their minds. These loving moments together would set the tone for their entire day. We’re so happy to be their photographers and can’t wait to see what awaits them in the future!

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Strolling through Central Park with Lorie + Harvey felt like touring through this iconic portion of New York City with long-time friends because, well… that’s exactly what Lorie + Harvey are to us. We’ve known them for years, having photographed several family members and friends (and the two of them) over the years. But this time, our entire focus was on this amazing duo. Their fun, easy and confident  presence together was the foundation for exactly the sort of photos we wanted for their Extended Session. Engagement sessions always allow us to get to know our couples even better, so we’re that much happier for Lorie + Harvey and are beyond overjoyed to be their photographers! We can’t wait for their Big Day!

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Carol’s horse farm is situated on a high hill bathed in natural beauty and the golden light of the Hudson Valley region. We joined her along with Jayne & Sam, who have been working on the farm for many years, for some very special portraits in their favorite spots around the estate. We couldn’t help but be in awe of the gorgeous mares they brought out to join us. Any opportunity we get to photograph such unique people and their joy in working on the land makes for a very, very good day for us.

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If ever you want to imagine what the world looks like from aone-year-old’s perspective, then look no farther than the bright eyes of Elena. She’s gotten even more adorable since we last saw her several months ago. We love her curious and inquisitive mind. Her expression was filled with joy and wonder as she explored a beautiful floral garden with her mom & dad. Seeing Iris + Nick was another huge joy for us. It was just like riding a bike with them, and they hadn’t forgotten or missed a step when it comes to being our awesome models for the day.

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Where do we even begin? As usual, we like to start with the people… Vicky + Tom individually are just amazing people, but together they become something else that’s undeniably electric to be around. Their wedding day at the Harvard Club of New York City held a lot of promise and did not disappoint. Vicky was just perfect in her couture gown, customized just for her. The crimson walls lent so much energy to the excitement we were all feeling, and the rain let up just enough for us to take advantage of the rooftop views. Without a doubt, this was one of our most eagerly-anticipated wedding days, and we couldn’t be happier for this beautiful pair.

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If there were such a thing as “Kindest & Most Gentle Couple Toward One Another Award”, it would have to go out to Jackie + Don. Seeing their reaction to seeing one another during their brief ceremony and throughout the entire day reminded us of exactly why we love to do what we do as photographers. Their Autumn wedding day was exactly what they wanted, and we couldn’t be happier for this delightful pair and their families.

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Every bride & groom’s wedding we photograph is like a celebrity event for us. And on Gab + Jon’s wedding day, they were certainly given red carpet and star treatment by everyone around them. We loved seeing the way Gab’s friends emoted around her, visibly overjoyed for her rather than enamored with their own iPhones. Jon’s buddies likewise were completely supportive and kept him laughing and relaxed right up until the time this awesome couple were ready to see one another for the first time that day. A huge congratulations goes out to this fantastic duo!

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We’ll just come out and say it: We’re smitten with Sarah + Gerardo. It helps that we had them all to ourselves in one of the most scenic locations in New York’s Hudson Valley. Besides that, we were treated by everyone like a part of the family, making unobtrusive photography of this incredibly happy group of family and friends a real joy. After warm words of friendship and affection were exchanged, the ecstatic couple joined us for some photos at sunset featuring the gorgeous backdrop of the Hudson River and its rolling valley. We’re overjoyed to be their photographers, and we can’t wait to see what else the future has in store for them!

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There’s nothing quite like the bucolic charm of a farm estate, with wide stretches of green pasture and the background sounds of birds and sheep calling, the way they did on the day of Katy + Andrew’s wedding. Our photos of this power couple caught the eye of the editors of Martha Stewart Weddings, and we’re thrilled to see their wedding being featured. In the words of Martha Stewart Weddings, “The couple didn’t have to look too far for a wedding venue—their dream location just happened to be their home!”

Don’t miss checking out the article and our accompanying photos! It was a gorgeous country-chic wedding!

We’ll have more with Katy + Andrew‘s wedding in the days ahead.

We’ve been such HUGE fans of Katie + Steve for a long time now. Mutual friends brought us together, and we photographed their engagement photos and wedding. Now everything comes full circle for them as they wait to meet their baby. They’ve already planned the baby’s upcoming newborn shoot. In a sense we already feel so connected to their new family member after shooting Katie’s gorgeous maternity photos. It puts the biggest smiles possible on our faces to see them enter this entirely new path in life. Knowing how important family is to them and how great they both are with children, we’re sure they’re going to be complete naturals at parenting. We can’t wait to meet their new bundle once it’s time!

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Tanya + Rob have found the key to love, and they just fit together like hand in glove. (No rhyme intended, we promise — it’s simply true.) These two love doing things their own way. One of the earliest signs of this was when Tanya walked down the stairs towards Rob for their private reveal before the ceremony. She was nothing less than stunning in her amazing one-of-a-kind gown, and Rob’s expression said as much. They lovingly sculpted their wedding day with fun opportunities for everyone to enjoy themselves with lawn games of croquet, corn hole tossing, a giant Jenga set, and more. There were tantalizing flavors of gelato to delight everyone on the warm afternoon, and a variety of tasty cupcakes to enjoy after the delicious dinner at the uniquely rustic Bill Miller’s Castle.  Most meaningful to us was feeling treated like part of their extended family, making this a truly special occasion for our own hearts. We couldn’t be happier for them, and we can’t wait to see what awaits this awesome couple in the future!

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It may have been the HOTTEST day of the year, but nothing was going to prevent Amy + Doug from throwing the biggest and happiest wedding celebration possible for everyone. Amy was even more effervescent than we’ve ever seen her, with everything happening exactly as she’d envisioned it. Trained as an architect and with a deep personal skill set ranging from music to painting to prose to welding, it was a genuine pleasure photographing this beautiful artistic soul and her farmer/welder husband. Other highlights of the day included the gold wedding band Amy handcrafted for Doug, as well as a number of her own Agrisculpture creations gracing the dinner tables and other areas. With so many personalized touches seen everywhere, and a couple who trusted us to help their day go as smoothly as possible, it’s no wonder we enjoyed ourselves so much!

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How often so many of us long for a simpler life, with lots of blue sky above our heads, sunlight on our skin, a cool breeze to refresh us, and the sounds of sheep / goats / chickens / turkeys in the background keeping us company. Well, that may not be their life at the moment, but those elements were part of a stunningly beautiful engagement session with Gab + Jon. Getting to know them better was at the core of a completely natural and easy-going and yet fashionable farm-chic photo session as we explored hill and dale while taking best advantage of the gorgeous day. We can’t wait to join them again for their wedding day soon at The Garrison.

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