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Kylie & Scott: The Honeymoon!

We promised we’d be back to tell you more about Kylie & Scott. Well, we recently got back to the office and have had some time to put together a preview of photos from their honeymoon. 🙂

Honeymoon??? That’s right! Kylie & Scott asked us to join them for a day of fun, fashion, and beauty on Cape Cod. And the photo session did NOT disappoint. It was quite simply an a-MAY-zing day with them. We could not have asked for two more enthused and trusting individuals as our models in front of the camera. A shoot like this was actually Kylie’s dream, and we were so happy to have been a part of it.

We walked the streets of one of their favorite towns on the Cape, and shot in locations as unusual as a small graveyard (that’s right!), a very cool lighthouse that was just perfect as their backdrop, and concluding with a spectacular sunset shoot in the Ocean (Kylie & Scott helped me appreciate that it was NOT a big lake). 😉

But enough talk! Let’s show you some pictures! Click the “PLAY” button below.

Kylie & Scott, thank you SO much for the perfect day with you. You’re a beautiful couple. We could not have asked for a better time. And without you, who knows when we would have ever discovered the Cape! Love you guys!!!

We’re working on preparing your entire wedding and honeymoon galleries, which you’ll soon find in the “Client Proofs” area of our main website. As always, we’d love to hear from you and your friends/family on what you think of the photos and your experience. Enjoy! 🙂

A thanks goes out to the Main Street Gourmet and other shop owners of Main Street in Orleans, who allowed us to have so much fun there. 🙂

  • Jenni - Thank you all for your comments! The whole gallery is now available on our site, so I hope you’re enjoying all the photos. We had an incredible time with the two of them! 🙂October 31, 2007 – 6:53 PM

  • Betsey - OMG, these pics are gorgeous… absolutely GORGEOUS! Kylie and Scott really are two of the most photogenic people I know. I can’t wait to see more pics from the wedding and the honeymoon!October 23, 2007 – 10:09 AM

  • Mom Luik - WOW-these pictures are awsome. You guys are terrific and I
    can’t wait to see more. Mom luikOctober 23, 2007 – 7:49 AM

  • Scott - It wasn’t that bad! I just wanted to reiterate how awesome a time we had and how much we love the photos so far. We can’t wait to see the rest (Kylie makes me check about every ten minutes 😉 )October 22, 2007 – 8:22 PM

  • Ulysses - Joanna, that’s so fantastic to hear! We hope all of Kylie & Scott’s friends & family are enjoying them, too.

    It was a real thrill to visit several different spots for photos while we were out there. We had a chance to get a lot of different “looks” to the photos, keeping the extended session fresh for both ourselves and our couple.

    On the wedding day itself, one of the things that kept us smiling was receiving comments from guests as they were leaving and saying to us, “Have fun out on the Cape!” We didn’t realize until then how many people knew that we were joining Kylie & Scott. I guess they had been telling others about it. Just awesome! 🙂

    Kylie & Scott were real troopers, too, particularly when we reached the water at sunset. I knew it was cold, but I wasn’t quite expecting it to be THAT cold! And Kylie — amazing girl that she is — was pretty much ALL the way in the water, as you can see from the last slide in the show. I had to applaud her as they walked back towards the shore… right before asking them to go back out there in the water again for a couple of final photos. LOL!!! 🙂October 22, 2007 – 7:44 PM

  • Joanna - I am LOVING the pictures!! the ones on the beach with the sunset are absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to see more!October 22, 2007 – 4:02 PM

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