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A Wedding at Villa Barone Hilltop Manor

Rosanna & Kevin were the most PUMPED couple ever when their wedding day arrived! Throughout the entire day we couldn’t stop laughing with them. The invitation to their “premiere event” seen at the left says it all. Everything about their wedding & reception day was larger than life – so many guests, so much food, and so much fun. It was also an incredible mix of rich Italian and Irish culture, making for pure joy for everyone there.

Rosanna & Kevin, we can’t begin to thank you enough for the opportunity we’ve had to photograph with you. It has been simply awesome since day #1. And thank you so much for seating us as your guests in the main dining room and for the amazing multi-course meal! Jenni and I truly felt like a part of the family.

Enough talk for now! We know you’ve all been waiting a while to see photos from Rosanna & Kevin’s premiere event! We didn’t want to lose another moment, so here is a teaser of photos for your enjoyment. Just click the “PLAY” button below:

The entire gallery will be available when Rosanna & Kevin return from their honeymoon. It will be in the “Client Proofs” area of our main website, so keep on the lookout for it. Until then, enjoy the slideshow above. We’d love to hear from you, so please leave a note by clicking on the “Comments” link immediately above this blog entry.

  • Michael Shandro - Fantastic! Some of the “Best Wedding Picture[s] of the Year”! Consistently great work as always Ulysses.September 13, 2008 – 7:21 AM

  • Ulysses - LOL!!!

    Ohhh, it’s going to be awesome! We’ll post it once we’ve put up the entire gallery as soon as Rosanna & Kevin are back from their honeymoon. It’ll be well worth the wait! You guys were The Bomb! 😀September 12, 2008 – 1:29 PM

  • Alyssa - Hey!!! Where’s our Charlie’s Angels Picture???September 12, 2008 – 1:26 PM

  • Chrissy - You guys did a great job. I didn’t think that it would be possible to capture the joy and beauty of that day to its fullest but you did. Great job and and ro…again was BEAUTIFUL!September 8, 2008 – 8:14 PM

  • Rosanna O' CONNELL - Help me….Im trying to clean my house but I keep coming back to my computer to see the pictures over and over again!!!!September 6, 2008 – 2:49 PM

  • Ulysses - Rosannaaaaaaaaa!!! LOL!!!!! 😀

    I told you it would be worth the wait, right? Let me tell you guys, we were going nuts as we got the blog ready. As excited as we were, we knew you’d be a million times more enthused! You didn’t at all disappoint.

    Oh my goodness, we’re so glad you’re happy with this little teaser. Believe me, it’s only the tip of the iceberg!! A big wedding like this deserves all the attention we could give it, so we can’t wait until you get back and see the entire proof gallery of photos.

    And THANK YOU for the huge compliments… “that’s how they roll”… LOL!!! That’s right, baby! Spread the word! 😀

    You and Kevin were both SO HAPPY on your day, and we couldn’t have been more excited for you. All our love to you both, as well as to your fantastic families! Give ’em all a hug from myself and Jenni. We’ll see you real soon.September 6, 2008 – 1:52 PM

  • Rosanna O' CONNELL - OMG!!!!OMG!!

    I can not stop hitting PLAY! You guys are phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My sister said that these pictures look like they belong in a magazine. I told her “yeah, thats why we picked Ulysses they are great, thats how they roll!!

    AWESOME…I can’t wait to see the rest next week.September 6, 2008 – 1:25 PM

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