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Happy Anniversary to Us!!!!!

Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but Jenni and I are celebrating our 19th anniversary of marriage! We can honestly say that as the years have rolled by, we’ve come to appreciate one another ever more. And that appreciation has led to an even deeper love and devotion. The way we look at it, 19 years isn’t really so much time when what you really want to do is spend an eternity together. Still, we can offer the following little tips that have helped us:

  1. Give your marriage everything you’ve got. It’s worth every bit of the time and energy you put into your union.
  2. Make sure you show and tell one another OFTEN how much you love one another.
  3. A successful marriage requires two great forgivers.

Trust me, the few short & sweet points above will keep you working at it for years. Let us know how things are going for you!

For those waiting to see previews from recent weddings, many thanks for your patience. We’ll be back soon with lots to share. But today I’m going to spend a bit of time with my honey on our anniversary day.  🙂

  • Jackie Montgomery - Happy anniversary! You are truly an inspiration! Hugs and kisses, Jackie MOctober 14, 2008 – 1:51 PM

  • Michael Shandro - Oh wow, next anniversary is twenty years. Fantastic! It takes true lovers to be able to share in each-other so much that they can bring their own spirit to a weeding every week.

    Congratulations Ulysses and Jenny!September 13, 2008 – 7:23 AM

  • laetitia - Happy anniversary to you both and it is true that you are both an Awesome couple!

    For someone like me who still hasn’t found her soulmate, you do comfort me in the fact that true love between two people exists 🙂

    Laetitia xxSeptember 9, 2008 – 5:23 AM

  • Jennie Versaggi - Congratulations!!September 8, 2008 – 11:33 PM

  • Ross and Rachel Gotler - Ulysses and Jenny,

    Congratulations on your anniversary! In addition to being wonderful artists, you are also a fantastic couple. We wish you continued happiness!

    Ross and Rachel GotlerSeptember 6, 2008 – 9:52 PM

  • Shannon Schuldt - 19 years, I can’t believe it. Congratulations, sorry this is a little late. You know I was down for the count this week. Great photo of the two of you. Very happy for you both.

    Much love,

    eric & shannonSeptember 6, 2008 – 6:28 PM

  • Ulysses - LOL!

    Actually, I do have one or two that I COULD post to the blog. But I have a feeling maybe that would be the end of ALL brownies for me. Maybe I’ll sneak one over to you. 😀September 5, 2008 – 10:23 PM

  • Jessica - sounds like a great day! I love that you shared your brownie. 😉

    One of these days though, I must see wedding photos. One day, one day…September 5, 2008 – 10:16 PM

  • Jenni-Ulysses Photography - Thank you so much everyone!!! It was great to come back to the office to all these well wishes from people we love. 🙂 We had a great day together. We went to a nearby cozy little town and just walked the shops, shared a brownie at a cute little bakery, and did a little hiking – a perfect quiet day together.September 5, 2008 – 2:37 PM

  • Rosanna O' CONNELL - HEY…Happy Anniversary!!!!
    Last year I took your picture so who did you get this year to take your picture???LOL!!

    You two make a great couple….enjoy yourselves and Have a great anniversary.

    WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!September 3, 2008 – 6:08 PM

  • Jen Cassaro - To my two blog idols: now you’re my two marriage idols! You are perfect for one another and deserve twice the happiness that you bring to others. Enjoy your day! Love you both!September 3, 2008 – 6:04 PM

  • Melissa - Happy anniversary, guys! Nineteen years! You two still act like newlyweds and I just love that so much. Love you guys…
    –Melissa and ReneSeptember 3, 2008 – 5:25 PM

  • Vida - Happy Anniversary U and Jenni! Wishing you both many more years of happiness together.

    -VSeptember 3, 2008 – 4:23 PM

  • Jen Bebb - Hey Guys! Congratulations! I can’t believe it’s been 19 years – you guys look way too young. Hugs to you both and I can’t wait to see you again soon!September 3, 2008 – 1:51 PM

  • Gill Taylor - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GUYS !!!


    Gill 🙂September 3, 2008 – 1:43 PM

  • Jessica - Happy anniversary to two of our most favorite friends….we love you guys! I want you to post just *one* wedding photo for nostalgic sake-please? pretty please?????

    🙂September 3, 2008 – 1:20 PM

  • Ulysses - Thank you very much, Jessica! It’s been an amazing ride, and we’re looking forward to many more years to come. 🙂September 3, 2008 – 12:26 PM

  • Jessica - CONGRATULATIONS! May you have a very happy anniversary!

    (And what an adorable picture of the two of you!)September 3, 2008 – 12:18 PM

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