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Gowns and Fashion Trends

It might go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: We LOVE wedding gowns. You might think we’d become a bit jaded since we photograph them all the time. But we’re always on the lookout for something unique and different in a gown; we thrive on unique and different! We immediately start coming up with ideas on how we’re going to show off the personality of the gown in the photos.

During our recent trip to Paris – the fashion capital of the world – we were very interested to see how fashion impacts weddings, and we weren’t disappointed. As we walked the narrow streets and passed the boutique windows, we saw a lot that excited us: Fabrics, textures, laces, feathers, frills, nets, meshes… the possibilities were amazing and endless. We can’t wait to see if some of these ideas make it over to the gowns here in the States!

One of the most interesting trends lately is the inclusion of color as a design element in the bridal gown. Sometimes you’ll see color in the sash or trim. And in a bold move, some brides are actually foregoing the traditional white gown in favor of something even more eye-catching — entire gowns of soft pink, champagne, or chocolate, and even deeper colors like teal, purple, scarlet, indigo, black, etc. Amazing!! And we whole-heartedly applaud the idea!

Why are some of these trends happening? It’s simple: More and more brides are looking for ways to show their own individuality and their personalities even on a day that is usually based heavily on tradition. Some brides comment that they never want to forget the fun and beauty of their day, and they want their gown to be equally unforgettable. Others comment that they want to see less fluff and more fashion in their photos.

Top designers such as Vera Wang and others are leading the way in response to brides’ wishes for gowns that are not only beautiful, but also daring, trendy, and stunningly fashionable. Check out these fun-to-read articles and see if these choices appeal to you (cover your mother’s eyes if she’s afraid of gowns with color) 😀

So whatever your taste in gowns and/or colors, have a great time choosing your gown! And if your gown is one that you want to seriously show off in your photos, send us an email about it. Tell us WHY you love it (don’t worry, we’ll leave the surprise for the groom). 🙂 We’re going to have a BLAST photographing you, your wedding, your bridal session, and your killer gown!

We want to hear from you. Let us know what you think about your gown, gowns in general, and fashion. Click the “Comments” link below to drop us a note.

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  • Christine - I was just browsing the internet for dresses with feathers in them when I came upon your website. Your photos are beautiful and I know this seems kind of crazy, but that dress in your article is exactly what I want, lol. The one on the black mannequin with all the crazy feathers, you wouldn’t happen to remember the designer? I know it’s been a year, but anyway, thank you for inspiring me!February 5, 2009 – 5:32 PM

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