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Annie & Jason’s Engagement

Our last portrait shoot yesterday was of Annie and Jason. Again, these two were such great sports in the cold. They did absolutely anything we asked, even rolling around on the ground when we found some irresistable tree roots for some striking and beautiful images. Those turned out to be some of our personal favorites from the session! Here is a preview in Infrared. Their entire gallery will be available shortly in the Client Proofs section of our website.

Annie & Jason e-session

(Click image to see larger version.)

  • Stephanie - Ulysses & Jenni- you guys did such an amazing job! Annie, you look beautiful and the pictures of the two of you are incredible… Good luck picking out the ones that you like- it took us forever! Ulysses & Jenni were at our house yesterday and couldn’t believe how many of their pictures cover our walls. We’re running out of wall space!April 21, 2007 – 9:23 AM

  • Ulysses - Annie, believe me… you guys did all the hard work. 🙂 🙂

    When Jason spontaneously asked, “Do you want me to go in there?”, THAT was when I knew the session was going to be right up your alley.

    We’re so glad you like the pictures. If you need help with anything at all during the selection process, do not hesitate to call or email. Jenni is awesome with helping you figure out how to display the pictures in the best way possible or how to utilize the online shopping cart if you have any difficulty with it.

    And if you have any feedback on how we can get our website or cart system to work better for you, please send it our way. 🙂

    Talk to you again soon.April 9, 2007 – 6:23 PM

  • Annie & Jason - We took a look at the amazing results and can’t thank you enough! We remember feeling silly and thinking that that was going to show through our photos- and it totally does not!! You are extremely talented!! We love each and every photo!

    Oh and it is such a SMALL world- huh- Ulysses!! It is amazing how many people we have in common! I think this must be fate!!!

    Thanks again for a great shoot! And such fantastic photos!!April 9, 2007 – 12:43 PM

  • Ulysses - BTW, we got SUCH a huge kick out of how many people we knew in common. We’re still laughing about it. If you know them, then we’ve probably photographed them; if we’ve photographed them, then you very likely know them. 😀

    Too funny.

    We’re so appreciative of the confidence you’ve demonstrated in us. And thanks for the referrals you’ve ALREADY sent our way. A kind referral from a happy bride is absolutely the best recommendation any photographer could hope for. 🙂April 8, 2007 – 8:12 PM

  • Ulysses - Hi there, Annie! (oh… and Jason, too 😀 )

    We had such a good time yesterday — as if you couldn’t tell. We really did forget about how cold it was as we were walking through the woods. And I’m glad we got to demonstrate for you the lengths we’re willing to go in order to get something that will really grab you emotionally as well as visually. We’re very happy with the way the session went, as well as your response to all the crazy things we asked you to try. Just fantastic!

    We’re looking forward to getting together again soon. 🙂April 8, 2007 – 8:08 PM

  • Annie & Jason - Hi Jenni & Ulysses!
    I was driving today and felt something scratching my neck. I started pulling my scarf and guess what I found ~ a mini twig!!! We had such a great time with you both yesterday and cannot wait to see all of your creations! We were so nervous and you really knew how to make us feel comfortable (even if that meant rolling around on the ground!). We know you will make us just as comfortable on our wedding day! We look forward to seeing our “story” when you are done! Take Care!April 8, 2007 – 5:40 PM

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