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Jeanne Marie + Pete’s Wedding at The Garrison

Sometimes the words simply fail us when we try to post our thoughts about how much we enjoyed photographing a couple and their wedding day. Jeanne Marie + Peter are one such couple. Everything about their day went PERFECTLY. It included everything from an emotive bride and groom, to enthusiastic friends and family, to a spectacular autumn Hudson Valley view and a gorgeous sunset. What a total joy to have spent the day with them and their favorite people!

The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website as soon as the couple returns from their honeymoon. Until then, we’d love to hear your comments below. And please be sure to click the button to “Recommend” us to your friends!

Kind Words From Alison + Dustin!

Alison kind words collage

We never tire of receiving appreciative love notes from our favorite people. When it’s from an awesome couple like Alison + Dustin, who simply put implicit trust in us from our very first meeting to their engagement session and through the grand finale of paging through their custom designed wedding album, then kind words like the ones below mean that much more to us:

Ulysses + Jenni,

We wanted to send a very overdue “Thank You” to our favorite photographers! We just could not have asked for a better duo to photograph our wedding day. We’ve been busy doing lots of repairs and improvements around our house and are finally ready to start hanging up some photos, including our engagement photo canvas! Expect a picture of our wall soon! Hope you are both doing well and can’t wait for you to photograph the next chapter in our lives, whenever that may be!

Love, Dustin & Alison

We literally cannot wait to see them again in the future as their family grows!

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A Beautiful Family Day With Mason!

It truly doesn’t get any better than days like this — a family outing on one of the last days of Summer at the stunning Mohonk Mountain House. The location had much meaning for Mark + Melissa, but for their little man, Mason, it was a place of adventure and wonder. His mouth dropped open at seeing the huge size of the koi in the pond; he scaled vertical cave walls with abandon; he giggled with delight as he rolled in the grass with his mom & dad; century-old benches became train tracks for his toys. Every moment was a delight with this beautiful family, and happy tears flowed freely when they saw the results. We can’t express what a privilege it is to know and photograph each of them.

Although a busy working mom, Melissa shared a MUST-READ inside look at their family and very kind words about our time with them:

Mark & I will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in October. Instead of an exotic vacation, or a piece of jewelry that will inevitably get lost or broken, I wanted to showcase the past 5 years in photos. Now, I’m sure most marriages experience their first years differently than they would have expected, but this is particularly true for Mark and I. Shortly after our nuptials, we learned we were expecting, and delivered a *perfect* little boy the following November. Mason seemed to be developing “normally” according to all of the thousands of text books we had read. I can’t pinpoint exactly when things changed, but they did. The few words that Mason had acquired slowly left. He became very frustrated and angry, seldom made eye contact and preferred to be alone, spinning wheels in a corner. He began drifting away right before us and we didn’t know how to help him. With the help of an amazing team of therapists, support from family and friends (and an autism diagnosis) we started to put a plan in place. The next few years were difficult, to say the least.

So much of our daily conversation is consumed with “special needs chatter:” appointments, progress notes, testing, paperwork, etc. Mason is so much more than a diagnosis, and we are so much more than an autism family. He is a success story, a relentless fighter, and our hero. Who better to showcase the fun and love our family has for one another than Ulysses & Jenni? Mason was immediately at ease with both of you as he greeted you with a warm hug. When I look at the images, tears just flow down my face; because you captured that much emotion in each print. You captured the fighting spirit of our perfect little boy, and a relationship among spouses that has strengthened through the unknowing and not-so-great times. I can’t wait to hang these prints in our house, as a reminder of the perfect day with my perfect family.

More with Melissa + Mark

  • Stacy Paschall Grammas - What beautiful photos! He is adorable!!!10.16.14 – 1:08am

  • Jamee Goldstein-Gordon - Melissa, I don’t know it could’ve been said better. There is so much joy and love in those photos! I miss seeing you in the office. Ulysses and Jenni thanks for sharing this amazing work with us10.09.14 – 4:10am

  • Shirley Griffin - How beautiful Melissa Mason is very lucky to have you and Mark that little boy is true joy 10.08.14 – 12:03am

  • Erica Hasbrouck - Beautiful!10.07.14 – 8:45pm

  • Jason Tierney - This made my day Melissa Skillman. 10.07.14 – 5:47pm

  • Angela Samperi Brognano - This is just beautiful Milissa and Mark
    10.07.14 – 4:05pm

  • Marcy Nigro Paris - Beautifully captured?10.07.14 – 1:02pm

  • Melissa Skillman - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!10.07.14 – 12:55pm

Baby Mackenzie Has Arrived!

We love staying connected with the amazing people we get to meet. Few things bring as much joy as getting to watch a wonderful couple’s family grow. When Kim + Kenny told us that their new baby girl, Mackenzie, was on the way, we knew immediately that we were going to have every bit as much fun with her portraits as we’ve had with her parents. She was just perfect during our session with her. The cuteness was absolutely overwhelming!:)

More with Kim + Kenny.

  • Kimberly Foreman Behr - Love, love, love!!!
    09.30.14 – 1:16pm

Kathy + Rob’s 30th Anniversary Portraits!

We recently photographed the wedding of Alyssa + Alex. Alyssa’s parents, Kathy + Rob, are celebrating another milestone — their 30th anniversary. What better way to commemorate such a time than to have relaxed family lifestyle photos in the comforting atmosphere of a beautiful home they’ve enjoyed for so many years! This very special photo shoot was all about showcasing the things they love most — their affection for one another, for fine wine, and for their latest family addition, an awesome English Bulldog pup named Munson. The views from this home on a high hill into the Hudson River Valley were nothing less than breathtaking! We couldn’t be happier for them and enjoyed celebrating with them.

More with their Alyssa + Alex.

  • Karen Cordone-Romano - Great pics….congratulations….love you!!!!!10.01.14 – 3:00am

  • Donna Castrogiovanni Beers - Beautiful photos! Congratulations as you celebrate your anniversary milestone!
    09.26.14 – 5:14pm

  • Jeneane Serrano - I think no. 5 is my favorite! Great pics09.26.14 – 4:37pm

  • Celeste Miller Jinks - Just love these pics!!!!!
    09.26.14 – 2:09pm

Alyssa + Alex’s Wedding at The Garrison

We loved spending time with Alyssa + Alex. Their mutually excited, upbeat attitude makes even a rainy day seem like the brightest day ever. That positivity was more than rewarded when after their heartfelt ceremony, the weather opened up enough for us to explore their beautiful venue for unforgettable views of the Hudson River and surrounding valley for amazing romantic photos. The party that followed was full of excitement and fun with all their favorite people surrounding them.  We’re so glad to know these two and hope to continue photographing their family as it grows.

The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website as soon as the couple returns from their honeymoon. Until then, we’d love to hear your comments below. And please be sure to click the button to “Recommend” us to your friends!

  • Jo-Ann Santoro - Beautiful pictures of a wonderful couple. Thanks for allowing Flowers By Jo-Ann create your special day!!!!09.30.14 – 11:12am

  • Karin Hlywiak WeddingCoordinator - Such a beautiful wedding! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!09.29.14 – 10:27pm

  • Kathy Mahoney Ferrari - uh…Ulysses….only one problem….could post a pic of me in this little montage??? wait till I see you tonight lol09.17.14 – 5:28pm

  • Alyssa Ferrari Pitt - I am so lucky to have had Ulysses Photography capture our day. They are more than photographers and made the experience so much fun and effortless.09.17.14 – 2:21pm

  • Celeste Miller Jinks - Beautiful pictures! Looks like an amazing wedding! Love the umbrellas too LOL
    09.17.14 – 1:30pm

  • Kathy Mahoney Ferrari - you both were wonderful to work with…love ya both09.17.14 – 12:37pm

Allison + Maurice Engaged!

Allison + Maurice enjoyed a beautifully romantic evening during which we happened to join in with our cameras. They have an easy, carefree, but confident way about themselves that makes it a joy to photograph them. Surrounded as they were by the lush summer greenery of one of their favorite sculpted gardens, the storybook atmosphere gave us the perfect canvas to showcase this important period in their lives together. We truly can’t wait to join them for their wedding at The Garrison.

More with Allison + Maurice.

Kinjal + Anil’s Wedding

There aren’t adequate words to describe how much we enjoyed spending the day with Kinjal + Anil on their wedding day. It’s rare to see so many individuals throw themselves so wholeheartedly into such a celebratory mood. We could tell that each and every person in attendance was very connected with this outstanding couple. The flashes of lightning and booming thunder along with the brief monsoon-like conditions at the very end of their ceremony seemed like the signal to everyone that their reception party was going to be something truly special. From Kinjal’s transformation into a stunning bride to Anil’s festive baraat, and from their vineyard photo set to their choreographed first dance under their tented chandeliers, no one could keep their eyes off of these two.

For now, here are some teasers for your enjoyment. The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website as soon as the couple returns from their honeymoon. We’d love to hear from you all, so please leave a comment and click the button below to “Recommend” us to your friends!

  • Jack Sutton - Magnificent.
    09.10.14 – 5:04pm

  • Pauline Nobles - What beautiful pictures. You truly did an amazing job capturing such “precious” moments. It was great working with you! 09.10.14 – 3:09pm

Carly + TJ Engaged!

When we have two people as kind and connected with one another as Carly + TJ, it really makes us want to go the extra mile for them. They literally did just that as we led them through the woods and up a mountain, as we plotted our course over briars and thistles just to find the perfect light and the ideal bed of ferns for impossibly romantic photos. We’re so happy to see their response to the results, and we’re ecstatic about being their photographers!

More with Carly + TJ.

  • Ulysses Photography - Lots to love and enjoy during this session with Carly + TJ09.10.14 – 12:34pm

An Amazing Day With Aurora

Nicole + Andy are two of our very favorite people because we have so much in common with them. Having photographed this pair several years ago for their engagement photos and wedding, we were super excited when they asked us to photograph a family life session with their 19-month-old daughter, Aurora. This flaxen-haired little nugget instantly won us over well before we even raised our cameras. She loved showing us the pond near her yard, feeding her chickens, and dancing for us in her adorable flowing dress. Most of all, she simply loves being hugged and staying close to her affectionate mom & dad. We’re so thankful for sessions like this one because of the warmth we see and feel, the organic nature of the way the photos come about, and the chance to create art with people who are unafraid to give us a beautiful window into their lives. Families like this are what it’s all about.

More with Nicole + Andy.

  • Linda Menges - The pictures are beautiful as the whole family is. Aurora is such a sweetheart. Can’t wait to see the remainder of the pictures09.06.14 – 6:10pm

  • Kristen Niemann - Super cute!! Love them!!!
    09.05.14 – 1:33am

  • Amanda Niemann - Omg! Love them!!!!09.05.14 – 12:44am

  • Shannon Gaebel - Love love love them all!!!09.04.14 – 10:43pm

  • Nicole Marie - We had such an amazing photo shoot with Ulysses & Jenni! Thank you; we LOVE the pictures!! :-)09.04.14 – 4:57pm

Kind Words From Michael

Facebook cover photo Maddie28
Photography you love is photography that lives!

The most recent affirmation of the above statement came in the form of an appreciative note from Michael after the awesome Reveal of his beautiful newborn baby girl’s photos. We don’t always get to hear from dads, so this one carries extra meaning for us. You’ll see why we just had to share it:

When we were driving back from the Reveal last week, we talked about how emotional we both felt watching the slideshow you prepared. I found this surprising–we’re with Madeleine everyday, taking and sharing our own photos, and enjoying our time with her. Why should watching a slideshow of your shots, which after all we watched you take, make us feel all choked up?

It’s amazing how quickly life with Maddie has become routine, in a way. You adapt surprisingly quickly, and the disruptive becomes an accepted and anticipated part of your day (as if on cue, Maddie just started crying). I think your photography captured the magic of life with Madeleine. In seeing her and our new family through your eyes, we were reminded of just how incredible this all is. I think as you’re living it, you spend less time actually thinking about that. Having your art in our home will help keep us focused on the magic everyday…especially on those days when she seems less angel and more crying-screaming-smelly-Tasmanian-devil! (Such days are increasingly common.)

Anyway, big BIG thanks to you both! Can’t wait for another look at the pictures!

More with Grace + Mike.

  • Ulysses Photography - We’re so thankful for this appreciative note from a very happy dad.09.04.14 – 11:10am

Corporate Head Shots For Susy

Susy diptic01
Having photographed her daughter several times — and most recently her incredibly cute new granddaughter — we were delighted when Susy called us to produce portraits of her own. When it comes to creating corporate head shots for someone as friendly and approachable as she is, our relaxed style is a perfect fit. Because she deals with many clients on a personal level, she wanted photographs that allowed her warm personality to shine through, while conveying her professionalism. It was a true pleasure working with her once again.

More with Grace + Mike.

  • Ulysses Photography - What an enjoyable corporate portrait session we had with Susy! :)09.03.14 – 12:17am

Lauren + Lee’s Wedding at Crystal Plaza

A few months after we first started getting acquainted with Lauren + Lee, their wedding day finally arrived! The entire day was marked by elegance, affection, and warmth between the two of them and the many friends gathered around them. In a word, everything was simply perfect. Even their labradoodle, Jackson, got to enjoy the festivities! We couldn’t be happier for this delightful couple and truly hope to see them again in the future.

The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website very shortly. Until then, we’d love to hear your comments below. And please be sure to click the button to “Recommend” us to your friends!

  • Lauren Russ - love love love!! can’t wait to see the rest!! and don’t forget Debbie’s Bouquets did the beautiful flowers :) 08.28.14 – 1:27am

  • Jackie Trowell - You guys are so fab I can’t handle it! These pics should be in a magazine 08.27.14 – 12:06pm

  • Marla Vanderpool Carpenter - It was a spectacular wedding! So incredibly happy for Lee and Lauren. Grateful to have shared the day with both of you. 08.27.14 – 11:09am

  • Ulysses Photography - Such a lovely wedding! It couldn’t have been a better day for this amazing couple! 08.27.14 – 3:18am

  • Marilyn Bochner - Could not have been more beautiful and elegant. Good health and many happy moments always. So happy I was able to attend. xxxxxxxxx
    08.27.14 – 2:57am

  • Pam Block - Fabulous Wedding! Had an incredible time and everything was perfect. Lauren and Lee looked beautiful.
    08.27.14 – 2:38am

  • Harriet Levine Russ - Loved the wedding. Everything wasperfect. Love Lauren and Lee.
    08.27.14 – 1:47am

Introducing Baby Maddie!

“Ohhhh… myyyy… goodness…!!!” That’s pretty much been the constant refrain here in the studio lately. It’s been difficult to put into words how overjoyed we are to finally meet and photograph Grace + Mike’s beautiful baby girl, Madeleine! With the close relationship and long history we have with her parents, this one was particularly special to us. Getting to know her as she grows is going to be a great joy!:)

More with Grace + Mike

  • Ulysses Photography - Loved photographing this cutie! <308.26.14 – 2:03pm

Tara + Erik Engaged!

Tara + Erik brought exactly the sort of flair and enthusiasm we love to see in our NYC couples. With their love for all things Manhattan, what better place to join them than NYC’s iconic Central Park as the backdrop to highlight their deep affection for one another and this beautiful city. We loved every minute with them and absolutely cannot wait to spend the day with them again for what is bound to be an incredibly exciting wedding and blowout of a soirée at the Harvard Club NYC later this autumn!

More with Tara + Erik


Courtney + Chris’ Kind Words


It’s been an incredibly busy Summer, as usual, so we’re a bit behind on our blogging while we care for our clients. But we couldn’t wait to share this very kind hand-written note from Courtney + Chris. <3

We’re so glad to be their photographers and greatly look forward to seeing them again in the future:

Ulysses & Jenni -

Wanted to thank you again for capturing such special & beautiful moments throughout our wedding day. Your work is fabulous. We truly love our wedding album. It’s very unique, and even one of my corkers said it’s one of the coolest she’s seen.:)The layout and choice of colors vs. B&W is great. We can’t wait to share it with more friends & family!

It was a pleasure getting to know and working with you both. I hope you know we will highly recommend you to friends that are looking for photographers, and of course keep you in mind for ourselves.:) 


Courtney & Chris

P.S. — I plan on writing a similar review on WeddingWire but wanted you to hear it from us in a more personal way.:)

More with Courtney + Chris.

Samantha + Eric Engaged!

East Coast met West Coast when Samantha + Eric flew from California to New York. They’d put so much thought and planning into their extended photo shoot, which allowed time for additional changes of fashionable outfits (LOVE a girl wearing Louboutins!), as well as a selection of fun locations where they could show us their personalities and the things they love. One of the most fun parts of the shoot included a drop-dead-gorgeous 1955 Chevy Bel Air named for Samie herself, along with a beautiful classic Cadillac. Winston, their adorable dapple color dachshund puppy, also made an appearance. Amazing details like these placed several fun exclamation marks on our session. Joining them for their wedding in the beautiful Hudson Valley is going to be a true highlight of our Spring 2015!

More with Samie + Eric.

  • Ulysses Photography - Have 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air… will travel. And photograph! ;)08.11.14 – 3:29pm

Karen + Charlie

Karen + Charlie are such a kind and warm couple. They weren’t able to book us for their wedding five years ago, but they always remembered us and loved our photography. So when they decided to get some relaxed lifestyle portraits of themselves, they contacted us. We all had a fantastic time!

Perhaps you, too, are a long-time fan of our work. If so, then give us a call so we can talk about how we can create beautiful collections, wall art, books, and framed prints. You’ll be so glad you did!

  • Karen Greenstein Romero - I loved working with Jenni and Ulysses…they are the best! They made us feel so comfortable and we had so much fun! They captured the fun we have together…exactly what we wanted! 09.28.14 – 11:37pm

Best of Westchester Party 2014!

It’s the Summer season, and of course that means it’s time for one of Westchester Magazine‘s signature events for the county and much of the tri-state region — the annual Best of Westchester Party! It was the perfect mixer event to get acquainted with businesses, services, dining, entertainment, and talent concentrated in Westchester County. It was an exciting event to be a part of as the official photographers for the event. Seeing some of our favorite vendors and faces once again, as well spending time talking to some of our own invited guests were just some of the pleasures we enjoyed. With plenty of food and drink on offer, and entertainers in many corners of the fabulous Glen Island Harbour Club, the 2014 party was a great hit for all who attended. Hope to see you there next year!

Julie + Sam’s Wedding at Ashokan Dreams

We wish there was some sort of a scale that could register the level of fun and beauty we experienced on Julie + Sam’s wedding day. It was filled with honest emotion and affection, rustic charm, and breathtaking mountain views. We’re so glad they found us and chose us as their photographers!

The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website very shortly. Until then, we’d love to hear your comments below. And please be sure to click the button to “Recommend” us to your friends!

  • Ashokan Dreams B&B - Great photos! Looking forward to seeing more!07.30.14 – 2:48pm

  • Melissa Sedlis - Thank you for the wonderful first photos! Julie’s mom07.30.14 – 1:19am

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