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Linnae was simply radiant on her wedding day. And we don’t mean only how stunning she was in her Rosa Clara wedding dress. Her smile and excitement was equally matched by Matt’s, who was eager to have her join him at the end of the aisle. Even though it showered outside, they were surrounded by the love and undivided attention of family and friends, some of whom had come all the way from India. They were carefree and trusting enough to join us for outdoor photos even if it meant walking between the raindrops. The reception crowd went wild when Matt and his former bandmates performed an incredibly fun original tune of their own from back in the day. Joyful highlights like these are just a few of the things that make us so happy to be their photographers on such a beautiful day!

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Kiki + Ian’s wedding day was filled with a combination of beautiful surprises that made their event completely unique and thoroughly engaging. No doubt, their mutual experience and love for comedic improvisation gave them an easygoing and happy outlook on the day. Wedding showers just made it even more festive, as umbrellas, pashminas, and rain hoods brightened the outdoor ceremony. Days like these are definitely among our favorites for the emotion and the genuineness so clearly evident throughout the entire day.

The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website very soon. Until then, we’d love to hear your comments below. And please be sure to click the button below to “Recommend” us to your friends!

  • Niki Marie - They are awesome! I know who to call when it’s time to put a ring on it :)July 1, 2015 – 1:23 PM

  • Niki Marie - Can’t wait for the rest of the photos!!!!June 30, 2015 – 12:37 PM

  • Heather Forrest Lundy - No need to apologize! ! I had my first day off in two months today! I get it! Thank you for your sweet words! I hope to catch up with you and Jenni one day soon! :-) Happy summer!!!!June 29, 2015 – 3:36 AM

  • Heather Forrest Lundy - Thank you for the gorgeous eye candy Ulysses and Jenni!!! The girls and I all scrambled to get to our computer screens when we saw that you had posted this sneak peek! What a beautiful day, beautiful couple, and beautiful family! It was such a pleasure to be a part of it!!! Congratulations Kiki and Ian, hope you are enjoying a wonderful honeymoon :-)June 24, 2015 – 3:07 PM

LauraK_e058Within the first few minutes of our first meeting with Laura + Steve, we knew we needed to be their photographers. We love their beautiful connection with one another, and they love the beautiful subtleties of our work. Those same qualities were organically reflected in their engagement photos. We’re each even more excited to see one another soon for their Summer wedding at Onteora Mountain House!

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Samie + Eric wished for the perfect wedding day, and that’s exactly what they got!  This stylish California couple flew into the area for one of our most eagerly-anticipated events of the year. With friends from both the east and the west coast, the celebration was fun, vibrant, and heartfelt. We’re thrilled to be their photographers and to have joined them for such a spectacular event!

The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website as soon as the couple returns from their honeymoon. Until then, we’d love to hear your comments below. And please be sure to click the button to “Recommend” us to your friends!

  • Amy B. Meyer - If this is the teaser, we can’t wait to see the complete gallery. Thank you for capturing Samantha and Eric’s special day! We love working with you both!!!!!June 18, 2015 – 12:31 PM

  • Samantha Raye Katz - We LOVE this little post wedding pre honeymoon teaser!!!!June 16, 2015 – 11:32 PM

Give us a great-looking, fun, and excited couple like Hannah + Jared, the skylines available in Brooklyn, and a big dose of trust that we’re going to create photos you can’t possibly resist, and AMAZING things will always happen. That’s exactly the sort of day we had with Hannah + Jared. We can’t wait to join them for their upcoming wedding day!

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The time has really flown by, and Baby Liam is already 12 months old! But he still hasn’t lost those smiling chubby cheeks we’ve loved so much since he was first born. We enjoyed a day of bubble blowing, flower picking, NY Rangers jerseys, and of course LOTS of photos showcasing his warm, easygoing personality. It’s no wonder his parents hearts are full of love for this little guy.

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Carly’s excitement and joy over the arrival of her wedding day was positively contagious! This beautiful spring wedding was a delight, complete with sunshine, blue skies, and tons of emotion. We can’t help but love these two and can’t wait to begin photographing their family as it grows!:)

The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website as soon as the couple returns from their honeymoon. Until then, we’d love to hear your comments below. And please be sure to click the button to “Recommend” us to your friends!

  • Maggotte Taylor - Amazing as always!June 4, 2015 – 9:48 AM


There are few greater photographic pleasures for us than to see our work go to print in published magazines. Alison + Dustin’s winter wedding was full of “vintage glamour” and plenty of delightful details inspired by the “Great Gatsby” era. Their story, style, and creative decor elements will provide you with plenty of inspiration and ideas for your own wedding event. If you’d like a printed copy of the Westchester Weddings Annual 2015 issue, you can find it on most better bookstore shelves in the Tri-State region.  The link to the online version can be found below, and we’ve also provided a PDF version for download.

Check out Alison + Dustin’s Wedding (online version) | PDF version

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We recently received an inquiry from a bride who was offered by another photographer an impossibly low price and nothing but digital product. Jenni told her about our studio, our top-quality products, our 5-star level of service, our excellent reputation and name in the region, our experience, and about enthused reviews from our awesome couples.

The bride contacted us again a few minutes later to talk more about our custom albums because she believes in things that are tangible, that will last, and that she can share and pass on to others. She also said: “There’s just something I can’t put my finger on about your work, but everyone looks so relaxed and happy.” The conversation left us with a good feeling about her. We love it when a client understands and feels the way we do — that great photography, great wall art and heirloom albums are well worth your investment! When you invest in quality, you’re never let down.

Only a few short weeks after her maternity photos, Francheska + Fernando are now the overwhelmingly happy parents of the cutest baby you’d ever want to see. He was just perfect during his very first photo shoot with us. As we hoped, Micah is a cuddle and a curler, making for ideal newborn photos for his parents’ keepsake album and prints. We’re so glad to know and photograph this loving family.

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JeanneM_album_instagramYou’ll hear us refer to certain times of the year as wedding season, engagement season, or portrait season due to the popularity of certain months for each of those types of photography. But the truth is that it’s always Album Season for us. No matter the time of year or weather, the photo session is merely the first part of the creative process for the majority of our work. The job isn’t truly finished until we’ve carefully and lovingly spent additional hours in the studio bringing your images to their final state of perfection — ready for display as wall art, gift prints, and ultimately in albums. Even in the age of the cell phone where snapshots are taken one moment and forgotten the next, albums provide the very best way to relive, share, and maintain your most important moments. That’s why we’ve become true specialists in the design and creation of this particular medium.

Do albums have a real impact? Just read the words of one of our very favorite brides for the answer:

Jenni & Ulysses,
After missing our package for signature and the “blizzard,” we finally received our album!!!! We are absolutely IN LOVE with it!  I literally burst into tears halfway through.:)Thanks again for everything. Can’t wait until next time!
HeartJeanne Marie & Pete


We agree! We can’t wait to see them for another beautiful photo session!

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Even though our planning with Megan + Josh began nearly two years ago, it seems the wedding day itself was suddenly here in the blink of an eye! We found Josh by the elevator, quietly excited and a little nervous to see his bride. And Megan herself was bubbling over with anticipation at preparing to see Josh for their private reveal. She was a breathtaking sight as she walked toward Josh next to the gently flowing Hudson River, with enthused cheers of their family and friends behind them. We knew right from that moment that it was going to be a spectacular day. We’re thrilled to be their photographers!

The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website shortly. Until then, we’d love to hear your comments below. And please be sure to click the button to “Recommend” us to your friends!

We love photographing maternity sessions so much. Francheska has actually been a fan of our work for several years. When she and Fernando called about photographing her, we leapt at the chance! They’re a beautiful couple full of love and affection for one another. We took them to one of their dream locations and simply enjoyed a relaxing afternoon getting to know one another better. Francheska is clearly in love with the thought of meeting Baby Micah. We’re so happy to be their family’s photographers and can’t wait to meet their little guy soon!

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  • Jessica Matthews - Love the pictures! They’re so vibrant and fun to watch. I wish to do the same as well.

    If you have the time, please do come by and check out my website at: AGoodTimePhotoBooth. I’d appreciate it :)April 29, 2015 – 1:43 AM

  • Francheska Boria Ramos - Love them! Thank you so muchApril 23, 2015 – 4:54 PM


My parents were abroad vacationing when I began the wedding planning process. I was reluctant to book a photographer without consulting with my mom. But, I knew I wanted to lock in a great photographer; after all the dust settles, you have only memories and photographs to keep.  Ulysses and Jenni were the first vendors we booked and hands down the best decision we could have made.  We chose them for their incredible artistry (the pictures speak for themselves!). They made us feel right at home in front of the camera and captured every natural moment. The pictures really do tell our story.
What made Ulysses and Jenni unique as photographers is their grasp of the wedding business. They navigated all our questions with the greatest of ease and almost instantaneous responsiveness (4 months after the wedding we have our wedding album in hand!). No email went unanswered for more than a couple of hours. They set the tone for the wedding planning.
Some advice for a bride: undoubtedly, great photographs of special moments on your wedding day is a must. But, take some time to craft a great engagement session. Splurge on the location, the outfits, meaningful props, perhaps choose an extended session. This is really the time to enjoy one another before the wedding madness begins. Anil and I absolutely loved our springtime in Central Park engagement session with Ulysses and Jenni. The photographs have a casual sweetness to them and compliment the more formal shots from the wedding beautifully in our home.  Thanks, Ulysses and Jenni for our first family heirlooms!


More with Kinjal + Anil.



My wedding planner, Rashi Shyam of Event Nirvana, was our fearless leader. Planning an entirely outdoor, at-home wedding is a tall order with logistical challenges at every step. She took on each challenge with calm and logic. The last minute changes, additions and rearrangements due to unforeseen weather barely phased her. A small piece of advice to brides planning outdoor events: budget for a great wedding planner!
My best advice to a bride planning a wedding: Choose vendors with whom you communicate well and whose personalities you enjoy. There are so many options out there. But, if you choose someone you click with, I guarantee they will do everything in their power to accommodate you.



I wanted to look like myself on my wedding day. Since I normally wear my hair down I thought long soft waves would look great. Make stylist, Pauline of Flawless Beauty by Pauline, agreed. But, plans don’t always work out. My wedding day was hot and humid and loose hair was out of the question. Pauline and I came up with a soft, natural, slightly undone updo. I absolutely loved it. I think it was actually better than the original plan! With this classic, elegant and clean look, the first thing people saw was my face and not my hair. The red lipstick and well defined eyes finished my daytime look. We switched to a neutral lip, smokier eyes and luminous cheeks to match my blush gown in the evening.

Kinjal_collage01_part3THE LENGHA

After endless hours (and miles!) of searching for high-end and well-established designers for my bridal lengha, I chose a fairly new luxury designer, Saa.n.she.  I couldn’t have been happier! Though bridal consultants told me the latest style was to choose varied colors such as hot pink and neon yellow for bridal wear, I knew I wanted to keep it traditional. My Saa.n.she design used the truest of reds, deepest of greens and smoothest of ivories. With Pauline Nobles’ professional touch on my bridal makeup (the red lipstick was all her idea!) I transformed into a classic Indian bride. I never felt more beautiful.



Kinjal_w1040In case you missed it, Kinjal’s story began here yesterday with the story of how she met Anil and his proposal to her. Enjoy part 2!


My favorite part of wedding planning was dress shopping! It’s no surprise to anyone that knows me that I love fashion. But more importantly, spending quality time with people that love to see you happy is what a wedding is all about. Trying on beautiful dresses with the women I admire the most as my vision for my wedding came together was my idea of a time well spent. With the help of Tara Duffy, my bridal consultant at the Monique Lhuillier boutique in New York City, I chose a romantic blush gown (a unanimous choice).
I continued the romantic theme into the decor, choosing shades of champagne and pink for the reception.  Sharda Shenoy, of Elegant Affairs, flawlessly executed my vision using quicksand roses with heavy greenery to mimic a garden feel.  The floral centerpieces looked like they came straight out of a garden fairytale. They were one of my absolute favorite things about the wedding!
 Anil complimented my beautiful blush gown in a sharp classic custom tuxedo. Parag Patel of Hattmanan Brook did an excellent job guiding Anil through the customization process, eventually choosing a three-piece notch-lapel tuxedo. Anil added a black Tom Ford bow-tie to complete the look.

We first met Kinjal over 5 years ago, at an amazing wedding in which she was a bridesmaid. When she contacted us about her own wedding, we were over-the-moon excited! Although Kinjal’s wedding day has now passed, she wrote some beautiful words to convey and remember her feelings surrounding this special day. We’re going to publish them in 6 parts, so we hope you enjoy this mini-series. Brides, we know you’re going to get lots of great planning tips!:)



Kinjal_e056When I moved from Manhattan to New Jersey, I joined an online dating website. Anil and I met online… yes, it works! We took our time to get to know each other. Our relationship grew, slow and steady. We’d meet casually on the weekends for dinner or a movie. After a couple of months the dates became longer and more frequent. We’d find excuses to meet in the middle of the week. Dinner would be followed up by 3 hour long phone conversations. I knew I wanted to spend a lot more time with this caring, open-minded, fun-loving, hard-working, good-natured person. There wasn’t any one moment that made me think Anil is “the one.” But there is one moment that stands out. Right before Valentine’s Day, Anil and I were texting with one another. We were being silly (as we often are with one another… life is short!). I asked him to do one thing or another which he met with some reluctance. When I playfully asked “don’t you want to make me happy?” He simply wrote back “always.” Wearing his heart on his sleeve and being completely sincere, I thought, this feels right.
Kinjal_e010 Although our relationship was slow and steady, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I wanted to marry this man. I knew Anil was ready too. The holidays came and went with no proposal. Valentine’s Day came with a very sweet gift and date, but, no proposal. The Friday after Valentine’s Day, I called Anil on my way home from work complaining that there was a ton of rush hour traffic and suggested that we should meet at the mall for happy hour. He insisted that I come home and promised that he’d do all the driving for the rest of the weekend. After some cajoling, I agreed. When I walked in, the entire apartment was glowing with candlelight, the floor strewn with rose petals, Anil in a black suit. He had prepared a slideshow of photographs of our fun moments together and when I turned around at the end he was on one knee with ring in hand. He asked me to marry him; of course, I said yes! We celebrated with blush champagne (which would become an inspiration for one of the signature cocktails at our reception). The proposal was followed up with a limo ride to New York City and a romantic dinner at the first class French restaurant, Per Se. I called my parents from the limo. They happily joined in my excitement, but, it turns out they knew the proposal was coming. Anil had driven to my parents’ house while I was away on a girls trip in Miami to ask for their blessing to marry me.  I was so touched. There was nothing too dramatic or over the top about Anil’s proposal.  It was celebratory and sweet and true to us.


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What a difference only a few months make, especially when you’re an infant! Of course, Maddie couldn’t possibly remember us from her newborn photo shoot. However, we definitely felt a special attachment to her, and she easily read our genuine feelings and was playing and laughing with us in no time. She loves cuddling, reading, and exploring literally everything with those bright beautiful eyes! Watching her grow and seeing how much her parents adore her and shower her with affection is a real highlight of this year for us! We can’t wait to see the family again to do something special for Maddie’s next session! What a cutie!!:)

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