Keep Your Eyes Open for Hope!

One of the most fun things we did recently was to visit with Hope and her family so we could produce a set of fun, multifaceted images for her portfolio. Hope is a delightful young actress who already has years of acting experience to her name. We can’t wait to see the bright future ahead of her in film, commercials, and other media!  :)

Ulysses - She really is, Bea. We DEFINITELY agree! ;)
Thank you so much for calling on us to do these. Hope is an awesome young lady, and we had a really great time with her. :) 04.15.14 – 4:19pm

Bea Erlwein - Wow, Just amazing!04.15.14 – 4:15pm

Stephanie + Phil’s Wedding at The Garrison

Steph + Phil’s wedding day completely blew us away both literally and figuratively! What started out as a very windy day in the Hudson Valley region merely set the scene for some of our most enjoyable photos of the Spring season.  From the time they each opened their particularly personalized gifts to one another until their private first look prior to their ceremony and into their celebration party that evening, Steph + Phil were nothing less than totally engaged and connected with one another. That’s the kind of couple that truly blows us away and results in our favorite sorts of images.

The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website as soon as the couple returns from their honeymoon. Until then, we’d love to hear your comments below. And please be sure to click the button to “Recommend” us to your friends!

Ulysses - Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We had a complete blast. So glad you’re enjoying the photos. :) 04.09.14 – 7:58pm

Lauren - AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! :-) 04.09.14 – 6:37pm

Rachel + Stefan Engaged

Spring has finally sprung! So what could be more fun than to go out for a springtime engagement session with a couple in love? Watching Rachel + Stefan walk together with a brightly colorful assortment of balloons in hand lent even more Springtime cheer to their photos. Since Stefan proposed in a hot air balloon, the balloons were the perfect symbol of their love.

We’re very much looking forward to their spring wedding day at FEAST at Round Hill.

More with Rachel + Stefan.

Rachel + Scott Engaged!

What a winter it’s been for the Northeast! That didn’t stop us from enjoying it to the full with Rachel + Scott. Their mutual love for nature and the Hudson Valley region gave us the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the deep snowfields for the engagement photos. Along the way, we found beautiful light and opportunities for them to enjoy some warmth and romance together. Their wedding at The Rhinecliff promises to be one of the happiest affairs of the year, and we can’t wait to join them!

More with Rachel + Scott.

Kind Words From Ben + Val

Kind and appreciative words from a happy bride make any of our days that much better. Hearing from a groom happens a little less often and, therefore, brightens our day beyond measure! Ben shared some beautiful thoughts and insights reminding us of how much we enjoyed photographing their wedding:

Ulysses and Jenni were everything we wanted in photographers. They were professional, organized, responsive, kind, and talented.

We took advantage of the engagement shoot that is included in the package. This was an excellent opportunity to get to know Ulysses and Jenni and get comfortable having our pictures taken. They were very good at being unobtrusive so we could get some natural looking shots. We ended up with a great mix of “candid” and posed shots and purchased the slide show (which we ran on a loop at the guestbook table at the wedding) and several printed photos.

In the days leading up to our wedding, we had an in-depth discussion with the photographers about the schedule for the day. Ulysses and Jenni were careful to note particular groups of people we wanted photos with so they could make sure to get them at the wedding. The photos turned out beautifully. We chose the pictures for and purchased a bound album and received helpful feedback from Jenni about the mix we had chosen. The bound album is very high quality. The digital negatives are also included in the package, so you can print your own photos later if you choose. The packages vary in price, and there are many optional extras, so you can get exactly what you want. We would strongly recommend Ulysses Photography to anyone in need of a photographer.

More with Val + Ben.

Michelle + Mark’s Wedding Romance Published!

Michelle + Mark are a very special couple to us because of how deeply they love one another. The way they cherish their photos reflects the same. This is just one of the qualities the editors of Style Me Pretty noticed about them. We hope you enjoy their beautiful photos and their inspiring wedding story just as much as we do — don’t miss out on the complete gallery of SMP favorites! As always, the editors and the bride would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment or questions for them.

More with Michelle + Mark.

Kind Words From Kat + Ryan!

Two of our very favorite people, Kat + Ryan have been amazing to spend time with and to photograph. We genuinely hope to see them again in the future. In the meantime, we’re absolutely thrilled to read their kind words about their experience with us:

Ulysses and Jenni’s photos of another couple’s wedding made us fall in love with our venue before we had even seen it with our own eyes.  We therefore knew they were the photographers we wanted to capture our day.  Each interaction with them increased our excitement as they are very responsive, obviously very organized and incredibly helpful.  We were anxious before our engagement photos as we were worried about our ability to act natural and not get overwhelmed.  Within minutes of meeting Ulysses and Jenni in person, they had us laughing, which cut our tension.  They had spent the time before we met, scoping out our neighborhood and had selected a bunch of interesting backgrounds that worked with the available sunlight for every picture.  Based on their personalities and the way they drew us out of our nerves, we knew we had made the perfect choice, before we even saw the truly amazing engagement photos. 

Ulysses and Jenni always made us feel like the most important couple, which is no small feat given their packed schedule.  At the wedding, they were encouraging and helpful at the right times and seemingly invisible at other times, even though I know they were there based on the photos of some of the most real moments.  The true emotion of the day is palpable in their photos and looking at them brings me right back.  They were in all the right places at the right time, capturing amazing moments that we would have missed without them.  I can’t say enough about what talented photographers they are, but what makes working with them even better is what awesome people they are.  We plan to keep in touch and hopefully work with them again in the future.  Work with Ulysses and Jenni!!

More with Kat + Ryan.

Kind Words From Jen + Ben

We can’t express how much we’ve enjoyed photographing Jen + Ben throughout the past year. It warms our hearts when we read the kind words of appreciation she recently left at

Ulysses and Jenni of Ulysses Photography are amazing! Finding the right photographer was so important to us; your photos last well beyond your wedding day and you want to be able to look back at them and relive the most wonderful day of your life. We could not be more thrilled with the result! Ulysses and Jenni were there every step of the way during the planning process and even helped keep us on track on the wedding day. They have the incredible talent of making two people (who do not love being in front of a camera) feel completely at ease. We had an engagement session with them that we were quite nervous about, and much to our surprise, we did not want it to end! This was an indication to us as to how talented they are. We were blown away when we saw our wedding photos, and then it got even better when we received our album. The album is beyond what we ever expected and is such a treasured book of memories of the most incredible day. We could not recommend Ulysses and Jenni more!

More with Jen + Ben.

Sunflower & Vineyard Wedding Published on Style Me Pretty!

We’re overjoyed to see the editors of Style Me Pretty publish the photos and story of Kat & Ryan’s wedding. We were so moved by our day with this beautifully genuine pair, and we’re delighted that Style Me Pretty sees the same elegance and emotion in their photos. Don’t forget to check out the complete gallery of their favorite photos. There’s lots of inspiration to be found, so please leave a comment or any questions you might have for the ecstatic couple!

More with Kat + Ryan.

Kind Words from Cathy + Tim

Few things make us happier than to hear again from an ecstatic bride and groom who’ve been blown away by their photos. Cathy + Tim share their positive experience with us with the very kind words below:

I am so grateful we found Ulysses and Jenni. They did gorgeous engagement and wedding photos for us. The pictures were beautiful- they captured the love and happiness we felt that day with such a beautiful and unique touch. They were incredibly easy to work with both before and on our big day, taking away all the worry and stress. We knew the memories we wanted would be captured. They were helpful even months before our big day when our original venue closed and we scrambled to move everything to a new day and venue. Jenni was such a HUGE help (especially for a bride living in New Mexico trying to plan long distance!). The bottom line is that Ulysses and Jenni will be easy to work with, take beautiful photos, and be worth every penny!

More with Cathy + Tim.

Baby Niko Has Arrived!

We both get really excited about photographing a beautiful new mom and her baby. Baby Niko is absolutely adorable, so you can imagine the smiles and squeaky noises we made while photographing him.

Baby Jake Is Here!

Believe it or not, the Spring season IS on its way. But Baby Jake’s arrival simply wouldn’t wait for warmer weather, just like we couldn’t wait to meet him for the very first time. Photographing him was a really big highlight for us because it also meant getting to spend time and catch up with his amazing parents again, along with their beautiful little girl, Maya.

More with Rachel + Ross.

The Happiest Bride in the World!

We loved everything about our dream day with Michelle + Mark. They’re both beautiful people inside and out, and they’re really special to us. For their part, they were blown away by their photos! We’re thrilled to have received this note from Michelle about her excitement upon receiving her album:

I don’t know where to begin.  

The grand finale…the wedding album! I am speechless. It is magnificent, a piece of art. Mark and I are spellbound. We looked thru it a handful of times already and can’t get enough of it. Words cannot express how grateful we are to you and Ulysses. You touched our lives with your beautiful work and gave us something that will last for generations. We are looking forward to our next adventure and would want nothing more than to have you and Ulysses there, capturing it:)


The happiest bride in the world!:)


More with Michelle + Mark.

Love Notes and Polka Dots

We get warm & fuzzy feelings when we receive love notes like the polka dotted card we received from Jamee + Jeff after their fun family lifestyle session with us:

Dear Jenni & Ulysses, 

Thank you so much for all your generosity of time, talent, spirit, and Home Goods! 

Much as we couldn’t imagine starting our life together without you as our historians, we couldn’t picture our family moving into a new home without your vision of our joy together decorating our walls.

We are so grateful to have you to record these milestones for us. We will always be tremendous Ulysses Photography fans! Thank you for everything! Fondly — Jamee, Jeff, and boys. 

Thank you, Jamee!!! You have a family every bit as beautiful as the one you always dreamed of having. We loved spending the afternoon with each of you again!

More with Jamee + Jeff.

Wedding Tip of the Day

If the bride and groom are both getting ready in the same hotel, the hotel staff might think it would be best for your rooms to be on opposite sides of the hotel. After all, you don’t want to bump into each other before you’re ready, right? However, this can make it an extra challenge to photograph both of you getting ready. If your rooms are close by, we can easily drift in and out of your rooms – as can your friends and family who are also getting ready. This avoids wasted time for you, your wedding party, and your family, and prevents missed photo opportunities. It’s an easy enough thing to call the other nearby room when you want to make a private exit, so there is no need to worry about bumping into each other. It will also make your life that much easier when you need to transfer your things later on.

Kind Words From Kat + Kevin!

There are few things more pleasurable in our field than meeting and photographing a couple as beautiful as Katherine + Kevin. The kind words in Kat’s review put us over the moon!  :)

This review has been a couple years in the making. I’ve been trying to find the right words to describe the “Ulysses and Jenni” experience, that would provide a meaningful (and different perspective) for brides-to-be! Planning my wedding was extremely stressful as my then fiancé and I were in the process of changing careers and moving. In all of the craze, I was so thankful to receive emails from Jenni and Ulysses because I knew they would help keep me on track. I valued their opinion throughout the process and my husband and I just really enjoyed chatting with them – when we met them they immediately felt like old friends. 

Now that my husband and I are settled – and the boxes are mostly unpacked – I am so thankful each day as I look at our wedding picture at my desk, or browse through our album, or look at one of our engagement pictures – that Jenni and Ulysses were a part of my wedding. They weren’t just another vendor. They were partners throughout the process and I just can’t say enough good things.

And this is why we love what we do! ^^^

More with Katherine + Kevin.

Keith Bachand - I love your work. Amazing details and emotion in your photos!01.15.14 – 6:35pm

Plum Pretty Sugar - Such a lovely review from a beautiful couple! Sweet congratulations!


http://www.PlumPrettySugar.blogspot.com01.14.14 – 7:17pm

Westchester Weddings Inspiration for 2014

20140103-122630.jpgAre you ready to find the finest in bridal gown fashion, sample breathtaking bespoke bouquets, search for the perfect repurposed venue for your unique event, and marvel at real wedding stories as you plan your own wedding day? For all of the above (and more) there’s no better magazine in the Tri-State area than Westchester Weddings Magazine. The 2014 issue is on the shelves, as well as available for digital download to your mobile device. You’ll also see beautiful images from Ulysses Photography that we hope will excite you and move you to contact us about your own wedding! Make sure you pick up your copy.

Anna + Bill Engaged!

Anna + Bill are a perfect match for one another. They were perfectly affectionate together, which was exactly what we wanted to see for their engagement photos. They wanted their photo session to be unique and expressive of who they are individually and as a couple. Their fun, flirty session gave us lots of reasons to look with anticipation towards their Spring 2014 wedding!

More with Anna + Bill.

Jamee + Jeff + Kids!


Jamee + Jeff are two of our biggest long-time fans! It still feels like yesterday that we were photographing their own wedding. Their readily apparent passion for life, music, dancing, and for one another hasn’t waned a bit. Now several years and two little boys later, it was a true joy to photograph this fun lifestyle session with them enjoying some family time at the boys’ favorite park. The autumn leaves brought an extra bit of warmth to their session. We couldn’t be happier for this dynamic duo and their awesome little guys!

More with Jamee + Jeff.

Ulysses - Jamee, thank you for the particularly awesome comments, and most of all THANK YOU for introducing us to your boys and letting us enjoy such a fun afternoon of photography and play with your family. Although it may have been a little chilly by the lake, the boys never showed a single hint of wanting to stop with their favorite slides, swings and other activities — they simply loved being with mom and dad and showing off to their newest friends. It was a real privilege for us to be there seeing you now as loving and accomplished parents. Much love to the entire family from me and Jenni!! :) 12.31.13 – 9:40am

Jamee - We had a blast at our “lifestyle” session with y’all and the photographs are AMAZING!!!! I’m trying to compose a fabulous thank you but there aren’t enough positive adjectives to describe how a photography session with you two is and how incredible the results are. We will always be HUGE Ulysses photography fans…and remember March/April 2022…bar mitzvah?12.30.13 – 2:11pm

Meet Liz, Curtis, Nick, and Gigi!

One of our favorite things about photographing family portraits is simply getting to know the family in front of the camera a little better. It gives us a better sense of how we’re capturing the things they love and the way they interact with one another day to day. That’s the way it was with Liz + Curtis, as they introduced us to their adorable kids, Nick and Gigi. Their lifestyle portrait session brought lots of smiles for us all. We look forward to seeing them again as the children grow!:)

More with Liz + Curtis.

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