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Our favorite days in NYC are when we have an affectionate couple who’s willing to walk and explore with us, and to simply trust us. That’s exactly what we found in Raissa + Alex. Everything about them told us how much they love one another and how excited they were to meet us for the first time. The light and atmosphere of Central Park was perfect as we visited some of their favorite spots and discovered some new ones, as well. They’re every bit as enthused over the results as we are. Their wedding at Sleepy Hollow Country Club is on track to be a splendid day, and we can’t wait to join them!

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Jacqueline + Jae make it incredibly easy to get swept up in the moment. Between Jackie’s effervescent energy and Jae’s steady strength and positivity, we knew we had the ideal couple who would simply “escape” with us into their photography. This beautiful duo shares a lot of laughs, but they also aren’t afraid to be romantically in the moment together. This all bodes quite well for our upcoming day with them at Skylands Manor.

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Weddings by their nature are often filled with traditions that date from many decades ago or even longer. But there was something particularly classic about Lauren + Nick’s wedding day, filled with the traditions and breathtaking scenery of West Point Academy along the Hudson River in New York. After a saber arch exit from the chapel, the ecstatic couple were whisked away to their reception at Sleepy Hollow Country Club, where guests took in the sights of a beyond-beautiful sunset over the Hudson and a party with live music that kept everyone on the dance floor! We’re thrilled and privileged to have been Lauren + Nick’s photographers to capture their day.

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Each wedding we photograph gives us the opportunity to look for something unique and distinct about the couple standing in front our cameras. Caitlin + Matt are exactly that sort of couple, gracing us with their complete trust, and giving us so many perfect opportunities to see different sides to their personalities, the things they like, and the people they love. It was a spectacular wedding day at the always-lovely Onteora Mountain House, full of detail and emotion — in other words, the perfect day to photograph a wedding! We can’t wait to see what the future brings for this delightful pair.

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  • Michele Jessup - Wow! That is all I can say just Wow!June 15, 2016 – 8:19 PM

  • Caitlin Power - Amazing night, photos, and photographers!! Can’t wait to see more when we return from Bermuda!June 15, 2016 – 11:12 AM

There was much eager anticipation for Baby Olivia’s arrival that Melissa + Ari were beside themselves once she finally arrived. This cutie was well worth the wait for everyone, including ourselves. Getting to know her better was a complete delight. Olivia enjoys squeaking, smiling, and has such a remarkable talent for the most soul-satisfying stretches that it was difficult to stop laughing so we could continue the photography. She’s simply adorable, and we’re truly happy for her overjoyed parents.

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There’s so much to love about Stephanie + Patrick’s wedding day. Stephanie’s artistically creative side and Patrick’s warm personal interest in people was evident in all the little touches seen throughout their day. Their choice of venue afforded the perfect opportunity for them to feel comfortable and at-home with all their family and friends. And the day gave us ample opportunity to show them off at their best and their most emotive. We’re unbelievably privileged to be their photographers and can’t wait to see what their future has in store for them!

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  • Doreen Vinci Freedman - Amazing photos! I can already see that you captured the day! Beautiful photos of Stephanie and Patrick. Can’t wait to see them all!!!!!June 8, 2016 – 10:33 AM

  • Jill Darwick Felice - Beautiful photos from an amazing night! Can’t wait to see the rest!June 8, 2016 – 2:13 AM

Amy_e059If a couple invited their photographers to their working dairy & beef farm as the location for their engagement photos, most might say “no way.” But not us! We were so PUMPED about the creative and beautiful prospects, and our day with Amy + Doug did not disappoint! As we’d hoped, there were lots of unexpected surprises  — namely the lively and playful personalities of the animals on the farm. Keeping our couple close and showing off their affection was not at all a problem. But the young bulls and steers definitely wanted their own moment in front of the lens, and we simply couldn’t deny them that opportunity. Who knew livestock just want to be rockstar models?? We had an exciting time with this warm and enthusiastic couple, and we can’t wait for their wedding day at a beautiful private farm.

Although our photo session with Vicky + Tom was also our first face-to-face meeting with them, it quickly felt as if we’d known them for much longer. Their cool vibe belies just how down-to-earth and friendly they are. Putting their complete trust in us, we walked some of their favorite streets in NYC for a dynamic and incredibly enjoyable extended engagement session. We’re thrilled to know them and overjoyed at just how much they love their photos! Their wedding day is going to be an epic one at the Harvard Club of NYC.

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We’ve known Tanya and her happy family for quite some time now, so we were over the moon when she and Rob asked us to be their photographers! The enthusiasm must have been completely mutual, because they booked a special trip from their home in North Carolina to meet with us in New York, get reacquainted, and shoot their engagement session photos. With Tanya’s avid love for crossfit and Rob’s shared interest in health & fitness, we knew Mohonk Mountain House with its rugged beauty would be the perfect place for their extended engagement session. Whether it was climbing the mountains, climbing trees, or just chilling together in a beautiful garden area, they were right there with us, simply enjoying their time together. We could have gone all day, but our photo session eventually came to an end with our wanting even more. We’re looking forward more than ever to their summer wedding at Bill Miller’s Castle.

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  • Carol Lyness Paterno - So gorgeous!!! Thank you Jenni & Ulysses. Smiles … … … Carol Lyness PaternoMay 23, 2016 – 12:34 PM

Katy_w807Although Katy + Andrew’s exclusive wedding was held at the site of their own home — a breathtakingly scenic estate held by five generations of farmers, with broad green pastures for cattle and sheep — their wedding day was also full of polished elegance, overwhelming joy, and colorful fireworks. We don’t mean the latter in a figurative way. The spectacular day ended with a storm of colorful fireworks that lit up the happy faces of everyone in attendance. It was truly a day to remember, and we couldn’t be happier than to be there to capture it all for this beautiful couple.

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Julia_w212One of our recent brides is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Her wedding day with Josh was definitely a highlight of our Spring season. With her experience in the fashion industry, she’s seen and worked with a number of photographers. We couldn’t be more thrilled that they chose us for their own wedding photography! It warms our hearts to read her kind words about Ulysses Photography, so we had to share them here:

Let me just start by saying that my family wants to adopt Ulysses and Jenni. They are the coolest, sweetest, and most professional photographers I’ve ever met. Plus, they deliver the most gorgeous photos! My husband and I first met this dynamic duo at a friends’ wedding a few years ago. We noticed how on point they were, and they noticed how fun loving we were on the dance floor. Instant connection. As soon as it was our turn to ring the wedding bells, we reached out to Ulysses and Jenni immediately. Since then they have done everything in their power to make our wedding the most magical and easy day of our lives. From the engagement shoot to the cake cutting, they were prepared, professional, and most importantly, fun. The photography was literally the least of our worries during the whole wedding planning process. Thanks again, Ulysses and Jenni, for being a part of our day and for capturing its beauty perfectly!!

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  • Cynthia Haslett Hankin - completely true. 110%May 9, 2016 – 11:16 PM

It goes without saying that we simply loved spending the day with Julia + Josh! They’re so right for one another that finding the connection between them and showing it in photos very quickly became second nature. We were touched by the trust and access they gave us so we could faithfully document their beautiful day.  Their guests were treated to an outstanding experience at the country elegance of Highlands Country Club, with fine food, motivating music, and an atmosphere of friendship and love. We can’t wait to see what the days ahead have in store for this awesome couple, and we genuinely hope to see them again as their family grows!

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  • Cynthia Haslett Hankin - The day felt this beautiful, but I didn’t know anyone could capture that feeling. You both did, perfectly.April 14, 2016 – 12:04 PM

It’s probably safe to say that Allison + Ross are a couple of ballers. No, let’s correct that — they’re both BOWLERS, as in their love for 10-pin bowling, bowling alleys, bowling lanes, and all things related to the sport. It’s one of the many things they share in common, so we had fun bringing that unique element into their engagement photos. As photographers, there’s no better feeling than knowing how happy our couples are with our work. There was no doubt about this with Allison + Ross (and their families). Seeing how completely blown away they were with their own photos taken at the historic Mohonk Mountain House resort confirmed for us just how happy we are to be their photographers! We’re highly anticipating spending the day with them for their 2017 wedding at the elegant Falkirk Estate & Country Club.

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  • Jodi Marie - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thank you so much for these amazing photographs. You are truly unique and special photographers. So glad we found you.April 7, 2016 – 6:51 PM

Melissa + Ari have a superpower called Patience. It keeps them calmly but eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first baby. Not yet knowing if they’ll have a boy or girl only adds to their excitement of the process. We’re nothing less than thrilled that they contacted us for photos showcasing their love for one another, and their love for the little one whom they’ve not yet met face-to-face. We’re learning patience, too, as we anxiously wait to join this gentle couple and their baby once more for joyful newborn photos!

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LaurenM_e046Sometimes we don’t get to meet our out-of-state couples until the day of the wedding. But when we have the chance to spend a little time with them, the way we did with Lauren + Nick, we’re always glad for the opportunity. These two are full of warmth, which is a good thing because the winter thaw hadn’t quite happened when they made their trip from Tennessee to New York. That was perfectly okay, though, as we kept them arm-in-arm most of the time while we photographed them and got to know them even better. We’re incredibly eager to join them for their Big Day at West Point and the magnificent mansion at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club.

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Carly + TJ loved little Christopher long before he was even born. It makes us laugh and smile when we remember Carly’s very excited question on her wedding day before she even walked down the aisle: “Should I schedule the newborn session NOW?? I know how early you get booked up!” The entire room burst into laughter, and we said, “Let’s get you married to TJ first.”  That conversation led us down an incredibly happy path with this overwhelmingly warm couple. When we finally got to meet Baby Christopher, we knew immediately that his life was going to be full of unique opportunities and possibilities as a result of their obvious devotion to him. His first photo session with us was one for the record books — he didn’t utter a single peep until we were nearly done! We’re thrilled for Carly + TJ and their newest family member, and we look forward to watching him grow!

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  • Chrisbeth Maguire - beautiful pic’s!March 18, 2016 – 10:29 AM

From the moment we walked into Kristin’s home and heard the the buzz and laughter between herself and her bridesmaids, we knew this day was going to be full of excitement. She looked nothing less than stunning in Maggie Sottero. Vinny was all smiles as he watched her walk down the aisle to join him at the altar for a beautiful ceremony. Both were fearless where the chilly temperatures were concerned — a good thing, too, because we had some beautiful light to work with for impossibly romantic images of the two of them. We’re pumped about being their photographers, and we can’t wait to share all the results with them! Here’s a sneak peek for now, and the rest of their gallery will be live in our Boutique when they return from their honeymoon.

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Jill + Paul’s wedding day was a celebration extraordinaire! These long-time sweethearts have always had electric sparks for one another. Now it was time to put those sparks on full display for their own wedding. Jill’s organizational and planning skills were in full effect, with her winter wedding accented by crystals, white floral arrangements, and candlelit details. We love showcasing little things like this because it shows how much thought has gone into a beautiful presentation for the guests. But as beautiful as the decor might be, when two people become more than mere clients to us, it always bodes even better for their photographs. We’re overjoyed to be this couple’s photographers, and we genuinely hope to join them again as their life story unfolds.

The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website very shortly. Until then, we’d love to hear your comments below. And please be sure to click the button to “Recommend” us to your friends!

We usually remember the vast majority of the faces of wedding guests even years after the event has passed. When wedding guests remember us, however, and then excitedly talk with us about photographing their own wedding — that’s when we know we have something special. Julia + Josh are absolutely something special to us. It doesn’t surprise us one bit that there’s a powerful electric spark between them. Josh says it was definitely “LOVE” from the very first time he laid eyes upon Julia, a beautiful California native now living in New York. Our photo session gave us a great opportunity to see them at their best, funniest, and most fashionable together. We had a great photo shoot as we talked and walked through one of their very favorite places. We’re truly pumped to be their photographers, and we can’t wait to join them for their Spring wedding, where we’ll see a number of familiar favorite faces.

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