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Courtney + Chris’ Kind Words


It’s been an incredibly busy Summer, as usual, so we’re a bit behind on our blogging while we care for our clients. But we couldn’t wait to share this very kind hand-written note from Courtney + Chris. <3

We’re so glad to be their photographers and greatly look forward to seeing them again in the future:

Ulysses & Jenni -

Wanted to thank you again for capturing such special & beautiful moments throughout our wedding day. Your work is fabulous. We truly love our wedding album. It’s very unique, and even one of my corkers said it’s one of the coolest she’s seen.:)The layout and choice of colors vs. B&W is great. We can’t wait to share it with more friends & family!

It was a pleasure getting to know and working with you both. I hope you know we will highly recommend you to friends that are looking for photographers, and of course keep you in mind for ourselves. :) 


Courtney & Chris

P.S. — I plan on writing a similar review on WeddingWire but wanted you to hear it from us in a more personal way.:)

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Samantha + Eric Engaged!

East Coast met West Coast when Samantha + Eric flew from California to New York. They’d put so much thought and planning into their extended photo shoot, which allowed time for additional changes of fashionable outfits (LOVE a girl wearing Louboutins!), as well as a selection of fun locations where they could show us their personalities and the things they love. One of the most fun parts of the shoot included a drop-dead-gorgeous 1955 Chevy Bel Air named for Samie herself, along with a beautiful classic Cadillac. Winston, their adorable dapple color dachshund puppy, also made an appearance. Amazing details like these placed several fun exclamation marks on our session. Joining them for their wedding in the beautiful Hudson Valley is going to be a true highlight of our Spring 2015!

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Karen + Charlie

Karen + Charlie are such a kind and warm couple. They weren’t able to book us for their wedding five years ago, but they always remembered us and loved our photography. So when they decided to get some relaxed lifestyle portraits of themselves, they contacted us. We all had a fantastic time!

Perhaps you, too, are a long-time fan of our work. If so, then give us a call so we can talk about how we can create beautiful collections, wall art, books, and framed prints. You’ll be so glad you did!

Best of Westchester Party 2014!

It’s the Summer season, and of course that means it’s time for one of Westchester Magazine‘s signature events for the county and much of the tri-state region — the annual Best of Westchester Party! It was the perfect mixer event to get acquainted with businesses, services, dining, entertainment, and talent concentrated in Westchester County. It was an exciting event to be a part of as the official photographers for the event. Seeing some of our favorite vendors and faces once again, as well spending time talking to some of our own invited guests were just some of the pleasures we enjoyed. With plenty of food and drink on offer, and entertainers in many corners of the fabulous Glen Island Harbour Club, the 2014 party was a great hit for all who attended. Hope to see you there next year!

Julie + Sam’s Wedding at Ashokan Dreams

We wish there was some sort of a scale that could register the level of fun and beauty we experienced on Julie + Sam’s wedding day. It was filled with honest emotion and affection, rustic charm, and breathtaking mountain views. We’re so glad they found us and chose us as their photographers!

The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website very shortly. Until then, we’d love to hear your comments below. And please be sure to click the button to “Recommend” us to your friends!

  • Ashokan Dreams B&B - Great photos! Looking forward to seeing more!07.30.14 – 2:48pm

  • Melissa Sedlis - Thank you for the wonderful first photos! Julie’s mom07.30.14 – 1:19am

Kaitlin + Ryan Engaged!

Our evening with Kaitlin + Ryan was such a beautiful one! Although thunderstorms were promised in the forecast, the bad weather held off so we could have a great time getting to know this fun couple even better, show them off in photos, and create pieces of art from the gorgeous scenery. They’re as in love with the results as we are! We can’t wait to join them for their autumn wedding at the fabulous Glen Island Harbour Club.

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  • Ulysses Photography - What a gorgeous engagement session we had with Kaitlin + Ryan! <307.28.14 – 4:09pm

Lynda + Jim Elope!

Lynda + Jim’s intimate wedding looked like it was taken from the pages of a fairytale, with the ceremony in the middle of one of the most beautifully scenic locations in New York State. The historic Mohonk Mountain House was bathed in green ivy and flowers of every color, as if the entire valley knew something special was happening on the day of this lovely couple’s elopement. Their day was nothing less than perfect as we walked, explored, and even took a little hike up the mountain to catch the breathtaking views. Making this day extra special for us, we not only got to be their photographers, but also the only invited guests, as well as witnesses to their marriage. We’re truly delighted they found us!  :)

  • Amanda Iaquinto - Mom, you look gorgeous and so happy. Congratulations both of you! 07.29.14 – 9:34pm

  • Melissa Naiman Kolt - Super romantic and intimate. They total must have been able to just be in the moment. No distractions. 07.24.14 – 2:57am

  • Gina Serafin - Just beautiful! Congratulations Lynda & Jim!07.23.14 – 2:18am

Grace’s Maternity Photos

We’ve shared many wonderful times and warm notes with Grace + Mike, keeping us closely connected over the years even when they lived halfway across the country. So you can only imagine our excitement when they told us about Grace’s pregnancy and their desire for us to photograph this next chapter for their family! We knew this would be a *truly* special event. It all begins with Grace’s maternity photos at their beautiful new home.  She’s got the cutest baby bump! We can’t await for the arrival of their little princess and the opportunity to get to know her even better.:)

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  • Irene Vouvalides - Beautiful pics07.23.14 – 10:12am

  • Kanan Joshi - Lovely pics Grace…. Enjoy every moment. Congrats to you and Mike.07.23.14 – 3:37am

  • Grace Chang Mazza - We are so thrilled (and not at all surprised) with how beautiful these pictures are!! We love how you captured glimpses of the new house and can’t wait for our upcoming shoots!07.21.14 – 4:25pm

  • Ulysses Photography - What are photographers to do while waiting for Grace + Mike’s beautiful baby to arrive, other than photograph her cute baby bump? Happy Monday Morning! :) 07.21.14 – 12:00pm

Baby Paddy’s 12-month Portraits!

It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since we gave our first welcoming hug to Baby Paddy. What a cutie he’s been to photograph. His latest photo shoot is the best yet! He’s not only full of personality, but he’s also showing some brand new teeth with that bright smile of his. Of course he just needed to to go-go-go as he showed off his new walking skills. His parents took him back to the place where it all started — where we photographed the two of them for the very first time, making this one that much more special. We’re in love with their happy little man, and we couldn’t be happier for his parents.:)

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  • Joette Richardson Kelleher - simply perfect! we love you both! 07.17.14 – 6:01pm

  • Ulysses Photography - We love every single time we’re able to join this fun family for photos in beautiful natural settings. Little Paddy is a star!07.17.14 – 12:17pm

  • Ulysses Photography - We love every single time we’re able to join this fun family for photos in beautiful natural settings. Little Paddy is a star! 07.17.14 – 11:59am

Ilana + Paul’s Engagement Photos in NYC

What a complete blast we had photographing Ilana + Paul! Although their engagement session was our first time meeting them face-to-face, we knew very early on that we hit it off with them. This affectionate, interactive couple kept us smiling and laughing throughout the session as we walked through some of Central Park’s beautiful summer scenery. For our part, we were able to create a wide variety of images that showed off a dynamic range of looks for them, from playful to romantic. We’re so eager to join them for their autumn wedding!

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  • Faith Lessig - These are beautiful pictures and you look so happy. I hope you are always as happy as you are now. 07.21.14 – 1:01am

  • Ruth Rosenberg - What beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! We love you and wish you many happy occasions to celebrate in the future.07.18.14 – 1:01am

  • Ulysses Photography - Happy Monday Morning to everyone! Ilana + Paul are so in love and engaged! <307.14.14 – 1:02pm

Lauren + Lee’s NYC Engagement Photos!

We’re head over heels for Lauren + Lee (and Jackson, their adorable Labradoodle)! When they told us they wanted our Extended Photo Session, we knew our time with them would be something special. The day did not disappoint! What better place to be than in the middle of some of NYC’s most recognizable locations for their own photos?! Yet our focus on this affectionate couple made it feel as if they had the entirety of NYC all themselves for their date day. They’re thrilled that the multiple locations and clothing changes produced such romantic results, and we couldn’t be happier to be their photographers! We can’t wait to join them for their summer wedding at the Crystal Plaza.

  • Julie Edna Zaccar Russ - Love those 2 people and my puppy boy!
    07.11.14 – 11:10pm

  • Lauren Russ - :) 07.11.14 – 8:50pm

  • Ulysses Photography - Lauren + Lee + Labradoodle = LOVE!!! <307.11.14 – 1:16pm

  • Ulysses Photography - Lauren + Lee + Labradoodle = LOVE!! <307.11.14 – 1:14pm

Kind Words From Jeanne Marie + Peter

Getting our first look at the images immediately after photographing a favorite couple is merely one of the things that gets us so excited about what we do. Seeing a couple’s overjoyed faces and hearing their response to their photos multiplies that feeling several times over. Jeanne Marie shared her excitement with us after their in-person premiere of their beautiful “extended photo session” with us:

Jenni & Ulysses, 

Wow! Tonight was so much fun and every photo was stunning!! It means so much to us to have created yet another lasting memory at Sleepy Hollow. We seriously can’t thank you enough for capturing it all so perfectly. For the millionth time…THANK YOU! I’ll be anxiously awaiting all the photos and book for the next couple of weeks!

Jeanne Marie & Pete

They have a number of amazing finished products on the way, which we know they’ll enjoy looking at and sharing with others for a lifetime.

Teryn + Greg’s Wedding at Crabtree’s Kittle House

We loved everything about Teryn + Greg’s day of wedding romance! Not only did they invite us to photograph their private first look together, but we really hit it off with everyone in their wedding party and with their family — all of whom made a special effort to make us feel welcome. It was a lovebird-themed celebration to remember at the beautifully historic Kittle House. The spirit of the entire day was anchored by the overjoyed couple, who after cutting their gorgeous ombre wedding cake, then closed their evening with sparklers and s’mores at the fire pit. We’re excited to have been a part of such an unforgettable day!

The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website very soon. Until then, we’d love to hear your comments below. And please be sure to click the button to “Recommend” us to your friends!

Kim + Derrick’s Wedding at The Eagle’s Nest

Kim + Derrick’s wedding was exactly what it needed to be — beautiful, intimate, as well as fun and full of humor. She was able to walk down the aisle outdoors on the deck before the heavy thunderstorm forced everyone inside for the remainder of the ceremony. But not one person complained. Everyone was there to support them and celebrate along with them. It was just perfect for them, and we couldn’t be happier than to have been there for them.

The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website very soon. Until then, we’d love to hear your comments below. And please be sure to click the button to “Recommend” us to your friends!

  • Ulysses - Kim, the pleasure was all ours — REALLY! We could tell how much work went into the day, even though compressed into such a short planning period. You’re both so easy-going and fun that the day couldn’t be anything other than fun and a joy for everyone. Thanks for letting us be a part of it! :) 06.16.14 – 11:01pm

  • Kim Ketchell - What an absolutely wonderful day! The pictures are amazing and I can not wait to see the rest of them. Thank you Jenni and Ulysses for capturing such beautiful shots.

    Kim Ketchell06.16.14 – 10:55pm

Alexander Is 12 Months Old!

Andrea + Justin have practically made us a part of their family. So we we were overjoyed when they asked us to visit with them again around the time that their SUPER CUTE baby boy, Alexander, began taking his first steps. To photograph their family in the same beautiful park as their wedding photos was beautifully poetic. And what a complete joy this little man is — showing off his personality and all the skills he’s acquired over the past year! Before long, his parents won’t be able to keep up with him! We’re so glad to get to know him as he grows and just had to share a few fun photos here.:)

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Kim + Derrick Engaged!

Kim + Derrick found us with only a few short weeks to go before their wedding, but we each quickly recognized that we simply HAD to be their photographers! Not only are they a beautiful, easygoing couple to spend time with and photograph, but they also have the smiliest four-month-old baby boy who cooed and played with us and was the star of our photo session. We can’t wait to join them for their rapidly approaching wedding at The Eagle’s Nest!

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Baby Liam Has Arrived!

Baby Liam is finally here! He knows exactly how much he’s loved and adored by everyone. Words can’t convey how elated we are for his parents — there were definitely plenty of happy tears over his arrival. Liam is the cutest little bundle to photograph, talkative and interactive even at less than two weeks old. We couldn’t get enough of him!

More with Kelly + Chris.

Kinjal + Anil Engaged!

Kinjal + Anil literally stopped traffic! Although we already knew Kinjal as a bridesmaid in Rebecca + Ed‘s wedding, this was our first time getting to spend quality time with her and Anil alone. They just fit together like peas in a pod. And most enjoyable of all for us, they really “got” the mood we wanted to create in their photos. They easily made the most of our Extended Photo Session, so we were able to simply take our time with them to create romantic and stylish pieces of personalized art for their walls. We’re so excited to be their photographers and can’t wait to join them for their late Summer wedding!

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Anna + Bill’s Wedding at The Garrison

Anna felt as if she was literally floating on clouds as she prepped to see Bill. Their private first look was one of the most heartwarming ever, in part because we knew how much it had taken for this beautiful couple to reach this day. The passing rain over the Hudson River meant for an indoor ceremony, but no one worried about that. The entire day reflected their deep sense of love, devotion, and support for one another. We could not be happier than to have been a part of this truly remarkable wedding day.

The complete gallery will be available in the “Boutique” area of our main website as soon as the couple returns from their honeymoon. Until then, we’d love to hear your comments below. And please be sure to click the button to “Recommend” us to your friends!

Baby Gino Has Arrived!

We can’t adequately express how happy we are for Diana + Frank. They have a perfectly beautiful family, now that Baby Gino has arrived. He showed us so much personality during his very first photo shoot, too! There’s so much cuteness here, it’s impossible not to love this little guy. Getting to photograph Diana + Frank and their growing family over the years has been one of our very favorite things to do, and we can’t wait to do so again!:)

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