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Kylie & Scott’s Album On the Way!

With many of our 2007 weddings now in their production phase, we’re always in anticipation to receive those completed books and ship them out to their new permanent homes with our couples. It’s with great pleasure that we mention Kylie & Scott’s wedding book is now on its way!

You may remember reading about our incredible time with them not only for their wedding, but also their honeymoon photo session on Cape Cod. So awesome!

  • Ulysses - LOL! Too funny! 😀

    Well, all I’ve got to say is: Whatever babies you’ve got available — whether the ones with smooth bottoms or the ones with furry faces — we’ll be there for you guys. 😉February 4, 2008 – 12:00 PM

  • Kylie - Well, I hate to disappoint, but the only babies we plan on having are the four-legged variety! We already have 4 (two dogs, two cats) but if you ever want to test your animal-picture-taking skills, we are more than willing:-PFebruary 4, 2008 – 10:18 AM

  • Jenni - Scott, I can’t tell you how much it means to us to hear from you, too! Getting to know you and Kylie was such a joy – you are such a beautiful couple, inside and out. It must be said, though, that those amazing pictures could not have happened if you hadn’t been such a willing participant. It’s often more difficult for guys to really get “into” having their picture taken, but you were enthusiastic and willing to do anything we asked from the start. Thank you for your total trust in us – you never questioned anything, even when we had you lying down in freezing water! : )

    Ulysses and I know you two are going to continue to be so happy together, and we look forward to keeping in touch. Definitely let us know when those babies start coming – just think of the fun we’ll have then!!

    Big hugs,
    JenniFebruary 3, 2008 – 2:51 PM

  • Scott - Ulysses and Jenni, I’ve let Kylie do most of the correspondence but I wanted to add my own words. You guys gave us exactly what we were looking for in photographers: professionalism, fun, artistic flare, friendship and great memories. You guys are fantastic and we do everything we can to sing your praise. The wedding book is really breathtaking and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.

    Thank you so much for helping make our wedding (and honeymoon!) absolutely perfect. We couldn’t have done it without you and, in hindsight, wouldn’t have wanted to! Keep in touch and if you’re ever in Maryland look us up!February 3, 2008 – 10:37 AM

  • Ulysses - Kylie, you know that we love to hear words like these! I still remember how giggly you were during your engagement session with us, and how much fun it was. We knew from that very first session just how special our time with you guys was going to be.

    Jenni and I are incredibly honored to hear how your wedding book makes you FEEL. If it touches you in the same way that it touched us when we saw the photos, then we have reached our intended goal. We wanted to show in pictures just how lovely and how passionate a couple you and Scott are. His devotion to you is so plain to see.

    The honeymoon session we had with you guys on the Cape was such a fantastic experience! I wish we could do that again! Going there for those photos and working them into the design of your wedding book was definitely the way to go! A bride who pursues her DREAM for photos is the Perfect Bride to us.

    We just loved working with you guys. And we hope to hear from you again as your family grows. 😉January 31, 2008 – 10:25 AM

  • Kylie - Oh Jenni & Ulysses- I cannot even begin to tell you how beautiful the book is! It really is mind blowing, and the proof didn’t even do it justice. The cover is amazing, and the pictures look fabulous! I am so glad I let you guys make the book for us… it is a perfect snapshot of the day, and the addition of the honeymoon pictures are amazing. You just have a way of capturing moments that are perfect… and you made us look so good! It really is perfect! If anyone ever wants to talk to a satisfied bride, just send them my way.

    We also love the calendar! It was such a nice surprise, and really is beautiful (have I used that word enough times yet?!?). Just in case, I will say it again: everything is beautiful!

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

    ~KylieJanuary 31, 2008 – 9:21 AM

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