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A Wedding at Benmarl Winery

Here are some very kind words from Ada & Jimmy, whose wedding we photographed at Benmarl Winery.

As a local hairstylist, I have been very lucky to have Jenni as a client. I knew that she and her husband were photographers, but I had never seen their work. When I got engaged a year ago, I knew she was the first person I wanted to talk to! I scheduled a consultation with Ulysses and Jenni to get to know them professionally and get a quote.

I secretly already knew that Ulysses and Jenni were going to be our wedding photographers, but I was worried about how I was going to justify the cost to my fiance, Jimmy! As any newly engaged couple knows, there is a certain amount of sticker-shock when planning a wedding. Personally, I was willing to sacrifice many other expenses in order to get the best photographer because to me, unlike the flowers or the favors, the pictures are the one thing that really will last forever. When we went to the consultation, it turned out that I didn’t have to do any convincing at all! Jimmy had the same feeling that I did – he could see the value in their work, and he could visualize the two of us in the pictures they showed us.

Shortly after we signed the contract, we planned our engagement photos. My seven year old daughter, Katie, was included in our photo session at a local park. When we saw the proofs, I was in tears. I couldn’t believe that Ulysses and Jenni were able to capture the love that Jimmy and I felt for each other, and our gratitude for becoming a family with Katie. They didn’t pose us, but instead they instructed us to act naturally. They utilized the natural light and the architecture of the park to create the most unbelievable images! That shoot ended up decorating our new home with wall art of our new family! I smile every time I see them (and believe me, they’re not just enlarged photos, they’re works of art!)!

We had originally customized our package to only cover what we thought we needed for the wedding pictures. Needless to say, after we saw the engagement photos, we upgraded our wedding package! Neither Jimmy nor I wanted to miss out on any detail of the biggest day of our lives! Jenni was so thorough in making sure we had every detail covered in terms of wedding timelines and formal photos. In a time of much confusion, she kept me in line!

Ulysses and Jenni captured all the best moments of our day. When we look at our photos, it’s clear to see how blessed we were. We remember all of our emotions because they were captured so perfectly. Ulysses is a total artist – he had us cracking up with his ideas for photos, but when we saw the images, we realized his amazing eye for detail and drama! I wish I could post the album for you to see, because words just don’t do them enough justice! No one has seen our proof or wedding album and not commented that these were the best photos they’ve ever seen! Even other photographers have told me that we had the “best of the best” shoot our wedding!

As a stylist, my boss always tells us that it’s not the cost of the service, it’s the perception of value that matters. I have taken on this concept and believe me, the value with Ulysses and Jenni is there! We felt so “taken care of”, as the website is so easy to use, they post your images so quickly, they respond to your email right away – you will not be sorry! My family will forever be grateful of the images that we have, thanks to Ulysses and Jenni!

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